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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Guess We Were Lonesome

After all the riding we did in Moab area with the gang you would have thought we would be tired!  After taking the day (Wednesday last week) off for a jeep drive, we left Moab at O dark thirty on Thursday morning heading to Blanding to meet up with the gang once again. 

Our tanks needing dumping and in the dark we found a RV dump in Moab—it’s a dang good thing my husband has excellent trailer backing skills and that I’m an excellent director with a flashlight!!!  That spot was just a little tight!!! 

We found a beautiful and quiet boondocking spot on the road leading to the ATV trails just north of Blanding at Devils Canyon in the Abajo Mountains.  Shortly after we had unloaded the jeep and CanAm the gang were all present and off we went.

Absolutely some of the most beautiful country with trails/roads for miles and miles and miles.  Once again the fall colors were outstanding!

IMG_3549IMG_3551IMG_3568IMG_3574That hat has to go!!


IMG_3602IMG_3603At times we were at an elevation of almost 10,000 feet and it was much cooler.  The cowboy and I slept the “sleep of the dead” after all the noise of our previous nights’ boondocking spot. 

On Friday we headed to North Ranch arriving in a rainstorm—somehow we managed to sneak in to North Ranch being seen by no one.  Not wanting to go out for dinner, we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a pizza from the Congress Depot—perfect! 

Saturday we scooted over to Wickenburg for a garage sale and stopped by the Habitat for Humanity Restore scoring a used dryer.  Our house came with a washer but no dryer—the laundry room is tiny in this house and eventually we will purchase a stackable washer/dryer unit to save space—so for the time being, this dryer is working well!  The rest of the day we unpacked, and unpacked. 

Michael and the rest of the gang at North Ranch have been deluged with monsoon storms—the streets and washes were running with water after the storm yesterday morning and it’s raining again today.  Should make for a beautiful blooming desert this coming spring! 


  1. I like cowboy hats but it does take up a lot of the view:)

  2. Jana, your a seamstress, take about an inch or so out of that tall sucker and sew her back together.. LOL Welcome to Az... Even though you were here a couple of days before me...

  3. great fall photos! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh, Janna, the colors are so beautiful!! I love the rainbow of colors:)

  5. I love the smell of the desert after a rain! Perhaps that perfume-y aroma will waft over to North Ranch as soon as the sun comes out to toast the creosote shrubs.

    (Love the colorful leaves, too!)

  6. Truly nice fall photos and awesome trails. The rains should impact the spring blooms.

  7. What a beautiful trail to enjoy! The hat's fine :-)))) Glad you're safely back to Congress and that you're already having fun getting the new place together. You'll have such fun this winter making it home.


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