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Sunday, October 18, 2015

La Sal Mountain Trip

Wednesday morning the ATV gang (without us) left the Moab area and headed to the Monticello/Blanding area for more riding.  Michael and I decided to remain in Moab for one more night so we could take a trip around the La Sal Mountain—good decision!!

We didn’t expect a paved road—bonus!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen oak trees with fall color—oaks don’t grow in Montana. 


DSCN1748Views for miles and miles from atop the mountain—and it was brisk—while sitting on rocks in the sun eating our picnic lunch I was wishing I had brought a jacket!DSCN1751

We’ve been boondocked in a BLM parking lot off Mill Canyon Road north of Moab—not our usual kind of spot but OK for a few days.  We had neighbors come and go during our stay but when we came back from our mountain jeep ride the place was packed—a group of people in various types of RVs had circled the wagons in the middle of the gravel lot.  There were RVs parked on the perimeter and RVs kept coming all the way until midnight!!  The midnight folks were those kind of people who don’t realize how far their voices carry or how bright their lights are.  So, we didn’t feel too bad when we started the big diesel motor at 6am the next morning for our departure!! Winking smileSounding the air horn crossed our minds but we decided the whole group didn’t need punishing!

More adventures to come—we are now at North Ranch, arrived Friday afternoon.  I am flying to California Monday morning leaving the cowboy a long list of honey do’s! 


  1. It amazes us how unaware people are about those around them. Good you left at 6:00 to share the fun:)

    Yes, keep the cowboy busy while you are away:) Safe travels!

  2. I'm sure the North Ranch renovations will soon begin.

    Enjoy your trip to CA.

  3. Love the beautiful Fall colors - my favorite time of year wherever we are! It is always so tempting to use that air horn to make a point......but so far I've been able to restrain myself and let Karma sort it out :-)

  4. Did the La Sale Mt. Rd. a few years ago. About the same time with yellow trees along the road.


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