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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Balcony and Picture Frame Arches

Tuesday we headed off to find some arches—another great ride—a little less challenging which was great!

IMG_3497First up was Balcony Arch—along the way we found some sand dunes--


Just around the corner from Balcony Arch was Picture Frame Arch—two of the guys, I won’t name names (Michael & Mark) decided they could climb up to the base of the arch—they didn’t get far before deciding that wasn’t a very smart idea!



IMG_3514See the upside down face??

IMG_3521IMG_3524A certain someone (Rollie) asked if the cowboy had a new hat—yes, unfortunately!  Back home in Montana I saw a used Stetson hat on the local Facebook online garage sale site for $5—that’s a bargain—until I saw the hat.  He was only going to wear the hat for ATVing and Michael said he could make it work—well, it’s not working—his wife dislikes it intensely but it’s been great entertainment for everyone! Smile


We were almost back to the truck and trailer Tuesday afternoon when a fellow stepped out into the road and flagged us down--

IMG_3532This guy was from Australia—rented this strange van in California, drove to Utah and decided to go off roading in a vehicle with no 4WD.  Doyle and RE hooked their RZRs to the van and pulled him out—the guy was intensely grateful—that would have been an expensive tow job!

Last night we enjoyed a delicious meal with all the gang, high above Moab at the Sunset Grill.  More adventures to come! 


  1. Love those arches!! Can't wait to get back to Moab for the month of April:) I do see that upside down face...great find! Thanks goodness you folks came along!

  2. That hat reminds me of the one Hoss Cartwright used to wear. ;)

  3. Nice photos from Moab. And the Aussie was fortunate to have a helping hand out of his sandy predicament.

  4. great photos from the ATV tour!! as for the hat?..looks a wee bit strange..I am assuming Mike will be sporting a more normal looking one his next photo?


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