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Monday, October 12, 2015

We’ve Been ATVing—Surprise!

Wow—have we ever been ATVing!  Friends of Larry and Geri who have homes in Casa Grande, AZ arrived on Sunday.  There are four couples all with side by side RZR ATVs—Henrietta & Elmer, Doyle and Karen, RE and Sue plus Mark and Barb.  They spent Saturday night in Grand Junction, CO and were privileged to see the  USAF Thunderbird show.  They arrived here at our boondocking spot about 10am and we were off!


We wandered in the Moab desert for several hours--IMG_3402Notice the white strip on the slick rock in front of our yellow CanAm—those are trail makers.

IMG_3384Some steep climbing!

IMG_3394Elmer needed to heed the call of nature, wandering off out into the desert—look what he found—dinosaur tracks!

IMG_3417Determination TowersIMG_3424It looks as if that vapor trail originated from the towers.IMG_3425Today we woke at “O dark thirty” and we were off again, trailing the ATVs back up the River Road heading for three destinations, Pole Canyon Ridge, Top of the World and Dolores River Overlook. Again, the word of the day was, “WOW!!”

IMG_3446IMG_3449The Colorado River.

IMG_3454We are really enjoying our side by side CanAm—there were many places on the trails yesterday and today where I would not have felt comfortable or safe riding my 4-wheeler.  The CanAm just crawls up and over the rocks—not to say we didn’t rock and roll at times but we didn’t feel unsafe—I did close my eyes at times!  Today’s trails were probably the most rugged we’ve ridden.

IMG_3459IMG_3472Larry and Geri out there on that skinny outcropping.  The photos don’t do justice to the height—we were WAY up on Top of the World looking down on Fisher Towers.



WOW—what a fantastic two days with more to come! 


  1. Looks like you are having a blast. I think when I get old I might have to get into this ATV'ing. LOL

  2. So jealous! I just love this area. Thanks for sharing your journey. We won't be back til April!

  3. The pictures look fantastic and just wish we were with you guys!! Just one question, Is that a new hat that the cowboy is wearing?? I wouldn't have noticed but it's not his normal style. LOL

  4. I really enjoy following along on your trail rides. We did some riding while at Quartzsite this year and plan on going back and maybe purchasing a side by side to ride with a couple of friends of ours. Ride on! Max.

  5. OK I am pretty sure you didn't leave at 12:30 am on your ride. LOL
    That is what "O dark thirty" is.

    I really like the looks of those side by sides.

    One request/caution.... please make sure you keep your hands inside them at all times.
    I had a friend in a three wheeler, motorcycle, in one that turned over while making a slow U-turn.
    Wheel caught on the lip of the road.
    She grabbed the top frame and lost a finger to the 2nd joint and a finger tip on the same hand.

  6. Yep, I'd sure like to have me one of those RZR's alright. Then we'd have to get ourselves a toy hauler. Oh my..........

  7. Oh I'm so jealous! The scenery is spectacular and I know you're having a ball on those trails - even the heart-pumping ones :-) For us "o dark thirty" is the "crack of dawn" or any time we would normally be enjoying a cup of coffee in our slippers :-)))))


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