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Sunday, October 4, 2015

It’s Good To Be Home

But Chicago was awesome—just the most spectacular trip!  I was the first to leave Saturday morning and was again brave enough to ride the train to the airport—$3 on Saturday—what a bargain!  The train clientele were a little on the rough side that early in the day—coming home from the bars??

While I was gone fall/winter arrived—rain, rain (over 2 inches), way cooler temperatures and snow on the foothills and mountains.  It’s cold enough that Michael has built a fire in the downstairs stove—we didn’t quite escape Montana before the cold came.

I’ve spent the day cooking, cleaning and packing more things into the motorhome.  The cowboy did  some of the same. 

Here are some more photos of our Chicago trip--



Friday evening Kelly’s daughter-in-law Alison gave a recital for friends and family—she is an aspiring opera singer with a very, very big beautiful voice.  This is a short clip of a portion of Alison’s performance.

After the recital Elaine, Kelly and her friend/co-worker Marilyn and I took a taxi to the Hancock Building where along with half of Chicago we rode a very fast elevator to the 95th floor.  The Signature Room restaurant and bar has some breathtaking views—amazing!  As it was dark outside, my photos didn’t turn out well, I caught too much reflection in the windows—you will just have to take my word—the view was truly amazing! 

And then there was the Bean—here are some more photos taken Friday morning—I love how the skyline is reflected in the surface.

IMG_3226This photo was taken from underneath the Bean—strange reflections!IMG_3239Elaine, Kelly and myself.


IMG_3243These guys had a photographer trying to capture all of them in the air at once—as you can see they weren’t having much success! Smile




  1. This brings back good memories. We had lunch in the Hancock Bldg during our rally. Enjoyed the cloud and the architectural tour also:)

  2. This shows you can pack a lot of fun and memories in just a few short days!

  3. Definitely time to head south when you're lighting fires in the fireplace. But hopefully there will be some Autumn left before too much snow falls. Love your pictures from the Bean.

  4. Always nice to get home, even when the visiting is wonderful. You got great pics of the city - what beautiful weather!! Love the pic of the three of you with the skyline reflected in the Bean.

  5. Loved your photos! Looks like so much fun. Such a different world in those big vibrant cities. Lovely to visit. Lovely to leave.


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