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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Craigslist Score

Tuesday we had a day off from our Craigslist shopping excursions but there is no rest for the weary or is that no rest for the wicked??  Winking smileWe made a run to Wickenburg, my hair was getting way too long and Michael needed some things at Tractor Supply.

Early today we left Emmi in the care of Geri and Larry heading to Wickenburg to pick up a U-Haul truck—we had purchased something for the house (which we thought would fill the U-Haul truck)—this something will remain a secret until the cowboy works his magic.  And, if possible, we were going to look at some leather couches Michael had spotted on Craigslist.

When the guy with the couches met us in the parking lot of his apartment he said, “do you need any other furniture other than couches?”  Well—maybe!  Seems he ordered new furniture which was delivered this morning and he didn’t do a good job of measuring.  He had a couch and loveseat, sofa table, coffee table, two end tables and three lamps—and he sold them to us for a bargain price!!  Score as Paulette would say!  With his help we managed to stuff the furniture into the truck on top of the to be revealed later surprise.


DSCN1787The couch and loveseat are a deep forest green, the couch is in better condition than the loveseat which has some minor kitty cat damage.  The tables are solid oak, heavy and gorgeous! 

DSCN1788I am just tickled pink with our purchases.  Back at North Ranch poor Larry was elected to help us unload and Geri came too.  I then returned the U-Haul truck to Wickenburg and made a stop at the grocery store.

Our Wickenburg Safeway could give our mediocre IGA store in Montana some lessons in customer service.  While checking out I noticed a 25% off tag hanging over the iTunes gift cards—25% off the value you added to the card—Christmas presents I thought.  When the cashier rang up the gift cards the 25% was not deducted.  She called a manager over and the two of them investigated the 25% off sign—it expired on 10/20.  The cashier said, “well, it isn’t the customer’s fault the store didn’t remove the hanging tags.”  They gave me the 25% off—very nice!! 

DSCN1790Our motorhome Halloween decorations—remember the bread basket cloth Vicky??  Many, many years ago as a Christmas gift, my sister-in-law cross stitched bread basket cloths for major holidays—Easter, July 4, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas—a set for each of us.  I brought all my fall and winter ones with me to Arizona this year.  The two little pumpkins I’ve had for eons—one came from the gift shop located in the hospital where I went to nursing school and later worked. 

We just finished celebrating the new couches by sitting on them while enjoying bowls of ice cream with Larry and Geri.  Life is good!


  1. SCORE is right! Wow and I love those tables too!

  2. Great furniture - good for covering up surprises too :-) So glad you're sharing the upgrades and surprises at the new house - I love it! Darling pumpkins.

  3. Wow, you really did do good!
    You may not want to leave this cute nest when your all finished.
    Enjoying watching this nice re-do. Thanks

  4. I cant wait to hear "the rest of the story"

    Happy weekend!


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