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Saturday, October 10, 2015

We Landed Near Moab

Friday morning we pulled out of Riverton, Wyoming and landed near Moab, Utah 500 miles later.  We took a very scenic, quiet route through Wyoming and Colorado avoiding chaotic Salt Lake City.  Geri and Larry were waiting for us—in the same spot where we boondocked almost two years ago.  We have different kinds of neighbors this time John and Brenda--DSCN1718


As we came through Grand Junction, CO we noticed strange vapor trails in the sky—as in round vapor trails.  Then we noticed the jets—flying in formation, whirling, cartwheeling, streaking through the sky—I Googled “air shows in Grand Junction, CO” and discovered the USAF Thunderbirds were in Grand Junction for the weekend—cool!

Today we loaded our cargo trailer with all three ATVs and headed out the River Road to a riding area called “Dome Plateau.” As always Moab didn’t disappoint us—“wow” was the word of the day I think!  We didn’t unload and get started until almost noon so photos are a little washed out from the bright sun.




Geri and Michael took a little hike to get behind this arch.  Notice Geri carrying Emmi in the second photo—seems when Emmi started down the slick rock she got a little ahead of herself and started sliding—she was in no danger but it scared her—Geri to the rescue!

IMG_3327These photos were taken at a Thelma and Louise spot—straight down, hundreds of feet—we kept a tight grip on Emmi at this spot!




Our guide, AKA Geri, usually leads us on these rides with almost pinpoint accuracy—today the GPS, trail book, map and signage conspired against us and we ended up wandering around out there trying to find the right trail for a long, long time—getting us home, back to the RVs after dark!  The phrase 40 days and 40 nights kept going through my head! Smile

I think more riding is on tomorrow’s agenda—more friends are arriving in the morning.


  1. So great to see you on the road again, although you know what I think about a 500 mile day...nuts! Take your time up there. It's still hot down south.


  2. Pretty darn nice feeling to be on the road again traveling through & taking part in all beautiful Utah has to offer. Love that Moab area but then again I love all of the South-west. My home away from home...................

  3. Back in the saddle again!! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Nice to see that you're enjoying that desert life again (not that Montana life was bad).... Moab's always been one of my favorite places and now I see it again in your photos.

  5. Good thing you left Montana when you did. Holy cow is the wind blowing!!! The scenery in the Moab area is just incredible. Have fun and take more pictures.

  6. Love those Wow days in the desert! Beautiful scenery, although not a fan of those steep drop offs :-( Can't even imagine a driving day that long, but you two seem to handle them with ease. Hope you get to hang out there for a few days :-)))


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