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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Storm

Early this morning on Facebook I began to see the aftermath a major storm left in Big Timber last night about midnight.  I drove through Big Timber on my way to yoga about 9:30 and there were still huge piles of hail—thankfully the hail was small and caused no car or roof damage but the hail did a number on the trees, gardens and flowers.  There were also some broken windows in homes.

Taken by Jim Baldwin, that is hail in the parking lot of The Fort, a local gas/convenience store shortly after the storm moved through.  The next photos I took with my iPhone as I drove through town on the way to yoga this morning.


IMG_0470It was 68 degrees outside this morning—that’s a lot of still un-melted hail in the streets!

Wednesday Michael and I took Nat back to Livingston to retrieve the other pair of glasses he had ordered—we enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the Rib and Chop plus milkshakes at Mark’s In & Out.  It was a very good day!

Today Michael helped our friend Ken with a lathe project, I went to yoga then came home and worked in the garden. 

Life is good, very good!

And this is the trailer the cowboy built from scratch!  Now all inspected, licensed and legal.


Oh, it is good to have Live Writer back—but I will miss that lightening fast posting speed Blogger produced!


  1. While at the old farm house years ago we had a big hail storm roar through leaving Kelly's little Mazda 323 looking like someone had worked it over with a ball pean hammer. Luckily insurance paid the bill as the whole car had to be repaired & repainted. What are you going to put on that good looking trailer, a helicopter??

  2. that wild and wacky weather is everywhere this time of year! we have had rain, hail thunder and lightning here in Merritt this past week! and even a small tornado!

  3. Wow, that is some serious hail. Glad you escaped any damage.

  4. Oh the joys of June weather in Montana. Hail always seems to be an issue. Good looking trailer.

  5. Colorado is having a terrible time with weather this afternoon and evening. North and south of us is getting hit with severe storms producing hail and several tornadoes. It's one fo those watch the weather nights.

    Great trail!!!

  6. we saw that on the news and some posts on Facebook... they were even using snow plows to plow the hail away . one time a huge hail storm hit the town of Chilton where we live. it was before we owned our house... but many homes were destroyed with roofs, windows, siding, even the air conditioner unit on this house was ruined. luckily the insurance company covered it all and everything was replaced. so when we bought the house essentially almost everything was new again on the exterior.

  7. That was a lot of hail! Glad you escaped any damages.

  8. Hope all this weird, angry weather moves on and out soon - that's a lot of hail to still be there in 68 degrees! That is a sweet utility trailer :-) Loved the herb class in you previous post, what a lovely place to have a tasty meal.


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