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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Successful Garage Sale

For the first time the town of Big Timber hosted a community wide garage sale.  Michael and I gathered a pickup truck load of “stuff” and headed into town way too early this morning.  We had steady traffic from 8am until almost noon when the sale ended.  We were very, very happy with the proceeds from our truck load of stuff and we brought home very little.  The weather was perfect, we sat and enjoyed the sunshine for most of the morning.  Sometimes Emmi kept us company and sometimes she went inside and spent time with Nat.

We saw people we hadn’t seen in years and speaking of people we’ve not seen in years—I called my massage therapist and found out how really, really long it’s been since I’ve had a massage.  Gayle has gotten married and had a baby—I didn’t even know and her baby is seven months old!!!!!  Obviously I need to get out more!

My sister Ann and her husband Danny have a huge garden.  They planted about 30 pounds of potatoes and today harvested about 500 pounds!!!  Looks as if they had lots of help from their own grandchildren and their adopted grandchildren!

Tonight we enjoyed a spectacular evening in Big Timber with friends having dinner at the Grand—We are so fortunate to live in a community such as this with friends so special!


  1. I'm envious of you sister's garden... I'd be making some kind of dish using those new potatoes real soon! Hey... that garage sale sounds like a real success... nice!

  2. Just read about Cole's in Big Timber on MSN. Only original soda fountain left in Montana. Nice community you live in.

  3. I wish our community would have a garage sail - I have TONS of stuff I need to get out of my garage! ;-) I hope your weather is nicer than here in Las Cruces - daily highs are hovering around 100 degrees.

  4. Getting rid of stuff that no longer matters is rewarding. It seemed to be a fun community day too.

  5. I'm afraid it's been longer than a marriage and a baby since I've had a massage! We had another meal of fresh dug potatoes tonight. The son and kids were here and he said no way can you get a store bought potato to taste like that.

  6. I would love to have some of those potatoes!! I only grew them once and they were fantastic!

  7. Those group garage sales always seem to bring the most serious buyers and are great for unloading stuff - and lots of visiting fun :-) Nothing beats the taste of a potato you pulled out of the ground yourself!


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