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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Remember last October when I accepted a consulting position with a medical device company?  There hasn't been much call for my services until the phone rang earlier this week.  The original company had purchased another medical device company.  Circumstances suddenly required the training of more personnel, enter my friend Elaine and me.  Nashville is hosting the annual APIC (Association of Practioners in Infection Control) convention and employees of the company were available to do the training.  Elaine lives in Nashville and I flew in Friday.  

It's been a long, long time since I attended one of these huge conferences--culture shock coming from population deficient Montana!đŸ˜€Saturday afternoon Elaine and I learned about securement devices from April--one of the employees of Griploc--she was so personable/enjoyable!

It's a short trip, Sunday I fly home to the cowboy and Emmi.  


  1. Great photo! You sure do clean up good ;-)

  2. How nice that the weather cooled just for your visit:) There sure are a lot of people out east and way too much traffic. Each visit east gets harder to deal with. I was really meant for the mountains and rocks of the west. Ebjoy your time in Nashville!

  3. Nice that you got to see a good friend as well. Safe travels home.

  4. You got another taste of the jet setting business world. Nashville is a nice city to attend a seminar or convention. Safe journey back to Montana.


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