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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Busy Days

The cowboy is still playing with his toys moving dirt although we did take a trip to Billings yesterday—I was in need of a haircut.  We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Jake’s—have any of you tried a jalapeno salad dressing—it’s probably a “ranch” type dressing with jalapenos added—very, very good! 

Our yoga group now meets one day a week at Nancy’s just a mile up the road from our house and one day a week at Julia’s (our instructor) house north of Big Timber.  Today was at Julia’s house and my friend Kathy rode along with me.  Anyone who thinks yoga is “sissy” or not much of a workout doesn’t have Julia for an instructor!  Yoga was hard work today! 

The warm temps have the grass (and weeds) growing by leaps and bounds so I spent the afternoon on the riding lawnmower—saving the weed whacking for another day. 

Michael and I are still collecting stuff for Saturday’s garage sale—I hope it ALL sells and we don’t have to bring anything home!

OK—men—you don’t have to read the rest—I am going to talk clothes.  I have a terrible time finding jeans to fit—I am tall, 5 feet nine inches but it’s not just the length, it’s the overall fit.  I absolutely hate those low rise or even medium rise jeans—so, I am looking for suggestions—what brands do you ladies prefer??? 

And that’s it for happenings here in Montana the last couple days.  Did our Montana tragedy make your local news stations—a man shot his wife and three small children then shot himself in the tiny town of Deer Lodge, Montana—tragic and sad!

IMG_2256-001These photos were taken on our Monday drive over the Beartooth Highway.



  1. I feel for you about pants. I have a terrible problem picking them. I cannot stand anything tight around my waist but if I get pants that are comfortable in that area they are way too big on my hips and rear. That's why I prefer hip huger type. I am only 5 ft.3" so petite pants fit the best. Not much help for your problem but at least you are not alone trying to find pants. Good luck in your search.

  2. Boy do I ever identify! A good-fitting pair of jeans is a treasure. I don't have a reliable source to recommend but I can tell you the ones I've tried: Land's End, LLBean, Wrangler, Riders (K-mart), and some at Wally World. Ah...I forgot Penney's brand, too. Next try-ons will be from our local farm supply co-op. Heck, I think I've tried everything else.

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  4. I'd about given up on jeans fitting... but found that LL Bean fits okay. I don't like low slung jeans... and they give your choices. I have a pair on right now and they feel "right".

  5. I always feel so great after a yoga class, I need to start looking for walk-ins at our upcoming stops! I am not tall, but am long-waisted so have similar issues with pants. I have found that both Lee and Gloria Vanderbilt (really) brands have styles that fit comfortably. Both have short and tall options so the length should be fine. Good luck!

  6. Have you tried mens jeans? I've been wearing mens jeans for over 40 years-yes the sizes have changed but won't give them up!
    I get the Wrangler slim fit boot cut #937str The str is for stretch!! I buy one length for sandals and then longer for boots!
    Works great for me.

  7. ditto on the LL Bean Jeans. Look for the Double LL jeans-they actually sit at the waist and you can order Tall if needed.

  8. I'm a huge fan of Gloria Vanderbilt - I'm 5'8, and like a waist high fit (my girls call them "Mom jeans" - but I don't care, I go for comfort!). They have a slight stretch to them, but hold their shape very well! In the Midwest, I find them at a department store called Kohl's.

  9. Depends on what you want to spend :) BUT.... NYDJ (not your daughter's jeans) at Macy's, where I got mine, are GREAT!! waist where they are supposed to be and a bit of 'give' to them!! the sales lady said she was not doing me any favors to show these to me, and she was right becuz they fit great!! but are really more than I would care to spend, but did!


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