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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rhubarb Explosion

This time of year our rhubarb plants produce more than we can eat—or need to eat.  After all rhubarb requires lots of sugar to be made palatial so it really isn’t good for the waistline—but, sometimes it’s just necessary to eat some rhubarb crisp!

IMG_2234 This is the best recipe for rhubarb crisp—from a cookbook I purchased in Alaska when making frequent trips up there for work. 

Today I was back on the weed sprayer, getting two tanks of solution sprayed on the never ending supply of weeds—I am making a dent, should be finished by next week.  The birds are eating us out of house and home, we counted eight hummingbirds on the feeder while we enjoyed lunch out on the deck.

The cowboy is creating again—our mini-excavator does not have a “thumb”—a movable piece attached to the bucket of the excavator operated by hydraulics which allows you to “pick up” things such as rocks.  So, he is working on creating a “thumb.”  He has welded, pounded, looked for parts—all without too much cursing—and the “thumb” is taking shape—he’s a smart cowboy! Smile

I finished the stitching in the ditch on my little Winter Solstice quilt—I’m not going to do much more quilting on it—the quilt is small and the SID is enough to securely anchor the layers in place.



IMG_2236Sunset photos from last night.


It was a “why we live in Montana” kind of day—warm and sunny!


  1. I bet I haven't had rhubarb crisp in 30 years. Can't say that I've missed it too much. ;)

  2. Your Winter Solstice Quilt looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to see her hanging!

  3. My Mom always grew rhubarb and I never could figure out why. She made a crisp also but it wasn't necessarily a big hit at our house.

  4. The rhurbarb crisp looks sooooo good!! Yum! Glad you had a nice day with a beautiful ending:)

  5. What is it with the rhubarb haters? (Just kidding...) I've always had rhubarb crisp/pie mixed with strawberries. Yummy!

    I've given up on the hummingbirds here. I think the climate is just too hot. However, the other day I saw a roadrunner in my backyard with a little bird in it's mouth. It was quickly gone in a series of bites. :-(

  6. My mother and I loved rhubarb pie but were the only ones in the family - which of course we were okay with. Haven't had it in years. Baking and weeding and thumbing and quilting and enjoying a sunset on the deck - variety is definitely the spice of life!

  7. Great sunset! Rhubarb is something I have had only a few times, but it sure looks good in the picture:)

  8. Love all kind of fruity crisps!

  9. I love Rhubarb Crisp. I'm glad Paulette read this post - maybe she'll take the hint.

  10. Never tried rhubarb crisp. Not sure it's something I'd like. As much as I love pie, rhubarb isn't one I'd choose.


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