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Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Drive

Sunday we both tried to totally exhaust ourselves—Michael working on his “thumb” project and me in the flower beds pulling weeds.  Today we decided to take a drive—that way we wouldn’t be caught working! Winking smile Over the Beartooth Highway we went—340 miles total—from home to Red Lodge, Montana then up over the 11,000 feet Beartooth Pass, into Cooke City and back home via Yellowstone Park and Livingston, Montana.  It was a glorious day! 


Traffic outside Yellowstone was light—and lighter than usual inside the Park—it is early in the season but there were several buffalo and bear jams as we traveled along.  We shared the driving and Emmi kept an eye out for critters—we saw two bear, loads of buffalo, antelope, sheep and elk. 

Michael took these bear photos:

DSCN1125-001DSCN1128He/she appears to have wintered well.  This one was causing a major people jam and the other bear we saw, a grizzly, was hiding himself a little too well to get a good photo.

IMG_2260The Bear “tooth”IMG_2262Lots of snow up there still!

We stopped in Silver Gate for Wilcoxson’s ice cream milkshakes before heading into the Park—YUM!



IMG_2271Pilot and Index peaks.

IMG_2280Disrespectful birds!

We are so fortunate to call Yellowstone Park our backyard!


  1. I think you have the best backyard in the USA!

    Seems fitting the bird built its nest above the Department of the Interior. ;)

  2. Nothing beats a roadtrip through beautiful country. As Judy said. You live in a marvelous part of the world. Now if you just had a season to grow tomatoes.:-)

  3. Wow! Janna and Michael you two live the life congratulations on enjoying it and sharing with some of us that just dream and don't get off our _____.s��
    Beautiful pictures!

  4. That pass is on our list before we leave here. Just gorgeous!

  5. Taking a country drive through your awesome state was a nice way to keep from working on home based projects. Awesome photos too.

  6. I do believe Beartooth Pass is our all time favorite road. We have done it several times on the motorcyle in June when there is still a lot of snow. Twice the skiers were out. One year when we arrived they had jsut opened the road. Beautiful place! Thanks for the memory. And Yellowstone is my all time favorite park. Wish I had been along for the ride. We are hoping to return to Yellowstone in September:) Glad you got away to relax.

  7. I loved riding along on your drive. Beautiful pictures!

  8. That is one beautiful part of the country. We're on the east coast and it just doesn't measure up.


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