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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cooking With Herbs

It's high water time in Montana--we've had lots of rain and the temperatures are finally warming causing some snow melt up in the mountains--thus the rivers are rising.  A good friend of ours, Larry, took this shot of Natural Bridge which is located near our home.  Only during times of high water does the water flow over the natural bridge, all other times it flows under the bridge.

Monday Nat and I took a run to Livingston to pick up his new glasses.  Due to a doctor office snafu we will be returning to Livingston Wednesday to pick up the other pair of glasses!

The last couple years I've given up on gardening as our growing season just seems so short--by the time anything is ready for picking it's time for frost.  But this year I seem to have the bug again--in a small way.  When we built this house we started a small garden and it still contains some things such as chives--that's the garden we are planting--the small one and only with limited plants!  The cowboy and his mini-excavator moved some compost into the garden and I used our little Mantis tiller to get the soil ready--since then we've had just enough rain to keep me from doing anything else.  

Tonight I went to Big Timber for a "Cooking With Herbs" class given at the greenhouse owned by our friends Kelli and her daughter Bonnie--oh, MY!!!  Kelli's good friend Linda was our chef for the evening and she can cook!  Our first course had us sampling Garden Fresh White Sangria which had a hint of jalapeno accompanied by Crisp Rosemary Flatbread and Green Herb Dip with fresh veggies. The main course was Zucchini Noodles with Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Cream.  Reed, my friend Jeane's son was sitting beside me and agreed--the cowboy is NOT going to eat zucchini noodles--but I bet he would love the sauce!  And the Italian Herb Baked Meatballs would also be a cowboy hit!

Dessert was just absolutely awesome--Lemon Basil Blueberry Swirl Pound Cake!  I could have eaten the whole dang cake!!

Storms are coming--I think there is a full moon tonight but with the storm clouds brewing I don't thing we will be seeing that moon!


  1. That looks like some very fun cooking. I am interested in trying out some of these veggie noodles, but hoped that I could do it without buying the machine thingy so I would know if it is something I would do, or if it is just a passing fad. Boy, that waterfall looks gorgeous!

  2. That is one cool picture of the waterfall. I like going to those classes where I get to taste wonderful stuff that other folks cook.

  3. Sounds like my kind of class!! Delicious!

  4. The cooking class sounds like so much fun!! I've always had herb gardens and even carried a huge round potted herb garden for a few years in the motorhome.

  5. Oh I wish I could have taken that herb class. I did plant some cilantro this year, maybe that's a start for me.


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