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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer In Montana

On the way home from town late this afternoon we saw a doe with a just born fawn—the baby was suckling and mom was cleaning him/her—first fawn we’ve seen this season.  It’s as if the Montana weather knew June 21 was the first day of summer—our temps are warming up and this weekend we may see 90—let’s hope not!

The fly fishing shop in Big Timber changed hands over the winter and Saturday celebrated their “grand re-opening” by having the Sisters on the Fly group visit bringing some of their vintage RVs.  “Sisters on the Fly” is the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States with currently over 6,000 "Sisters." This membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out and become more adventurous!”  from the Sisters on the Fly website.






Finished quilting another quilt yesterday and today we took Nat to Livingston to the audiologist to be tested and fitted for new hearing aides—it’s amazing the newer technology available these days!  My Daddy was terribly hard of hearing due to multiple ear infections as a child when no antibiotics were available.  When he married Mom in 1954 at the age of 25, he all ready wore a hearing aide—it fit in his shirt pocket and a wire ran to the ear mold—technology has come a long way!

We are planning an exciting adventure and I’ve got a work trip approaching rapidly—life isn’t dull around here for sure!



  1. An exciting adventure? You're leaving us hanging again! ;)

  2. Thanks for the report and photos.

  3. I've never seen those vintage campers in person, but would love too! If only the blacksmith would let me glamorize mine!

  4. We were staying in a small park last year when all these little vintage trailers pulled in. Of course we had to find out what was going on. That's when we learned about Sisters on the Fly. They do such a neat job with their trailers. Good to hear all is going well in Montana:)

  5. I bet the 'Sisters on The Fly' would have many wonderful stories to share.

    Your summer seems to rolling along with plenty of busyness.

  6. I adore those vintage trailers - they sure do a great job of refurbishing them!! I remember those "wired" hearing aids. Now you can't even see them.


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