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Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Left

It’s summer isn’t it—the wildflowers are blooming--


everything is immensely green--

IMG_2294and the birds are eating me out of house and home—So, then, why did I have a fire in the wood burning stove all day and why did we wear jackets for our walk???  The clouds hung low all day and the temps hovered right around 50 degrees.  I brought my tomato plant and all the flowers inside last evening and there the pots have stayed today!

After our garage sale on Saturday we have new found space in our pantry/storage room downstairs in the basement.  I spent the afternoon re-arranging that space, alphabetizing my canned goods, etc.  It’s amazing what you find when cleaning—a jarred spread of some sort with an expiration date of 2012!!  And that wasn’t the only expired thing I found! 

Emmi and I took a late afternoon walk and were coming up the path down by the creek—now that I’ve seen this particular photo I know Emmi heard the critter before I did--

DSCN1150I was talking to Emmi trying to get her to pose for a photo when I heard thrashing in the brush, limbs breaking and a huge whitetail deer jumped (and jumped high) out of the brush less than four feet from where I was standing.  The stupid thing almost landed on top of me.  Scared me to death—I screamed, loudly!  My heart was pounding—I was sure I had been about to say hello to a bear! 

The little garden is coming along—radishes and spinach are up and I think I can see tiny carrots peeping out.  I’m sure the garden is wondering where summer went, too!


  1. Dogs probably smell the critter first then try to hear and look for it.... But your right, it could have just as easily been a bear....

  2. Emmi's on point. Wondering what's coming for her.

  3. Do you carry bear spray on your walks? The wildflowers are beautiful.

  4. That's the reason I never go walking in Weston Co without my Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun.
    Cats and bears.

  5. Love the summer flowers. No matter what "it" actually is, what we imagine is there makes it just as scary. My heart would have been racing for an hour :-))))

  6. I am surprised how windy it is here in White Sulphur. We've had to run our heat the last few nights, but today it's shorts again!

  7. The cooler weather sounds like heaven!!! We are in Kansas with temps at 90!! Too hot! So glad that it wasn't a bear that jumped out:)


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