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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Has Finally Arrived

At least we think so!  Eighty degree temps and sunshine signal summer but there’s something else in our household which really tells me summer is here:

IMG_1771See these two guys, the cowboy is usually wearing a down vest and Nat always wears a cardigan—unless it gets very warm—the absence of those garments is a clear signal summer is here.

Yesterday I took a day off from quilting and chasing after Emmi and the cowboy by going to Bozeman with Jill.  We have a wedding to attend on Sunday and of course some new attire was needed.  There are also some great grocery shopping in Bozeman!  It was a good day spent with a very good friend.

Nat came for lunch today and I made a new ice cream—I love to try out new recipes and this one was a real keeper, chocolate mint ice cream.  The recipe uses peppermint extract as well as chopped Andes mints—it was so good I could have eaten the entire bucket full!!  But I didn’t—I really, really liked what the scale told me this morning and this is going to be a tough weekend for dieting—our social calendar is busy!

Michael had a major breakdown with the mower yesterday and spent the afternoon and into the evening doing repairs—welding, banging and banging.  The implement dealership couldn’t get a new sickle bar here before next week so the cowboy fixed the old one.  Haying is progressing:


We are off to Jill and Terry’s tonight for a little gathering—should be fun.  Hope you all have a safe and fun July 4th weekend.


  1. The last time we were in Montana was so different....maybe 14 years ago. We left Arizona hoping to find coooool weather....Montana was having a major heat wave and Arizona was having the coolest summer Maybe it is time we give Montana another try...

  2. The only problem with the arrival of the warmer temps is the thunder and lightning shows we get every afternoon. Between them and the fireworks the girls are basket cases and we haven't gotten any sleep. Be glad when the 4th is over with for us.

  3. Happy 4th of July to you all!! enjoy the weekend!!

  4. We will hit 100+ in SoCal today and over the weekend. Folks near the water will be delighted, and the rest of us will stay in the A/C as much as possible. Glad you took a girls' day after all your mowing and quilting the last couple weeks! And being happy with the scale - I don't remember the last time......

    Happy 4th!!!

  5. Yep, the summer heat wave is on around Dogpound North too. It will be a while (6-7 weeks) though until our hay is ready to take off. WE only get a single cut here and with all the moisture we have had it is probably going to take that long until we could get equipment into parts of the field anyway. We still have about 60 acres of crop to seed and this late it is most likely going into silage. Oh well, that will be better than pig weed and thistles.

  6. Happy 4th of July, Janna and Michael. It's a busy time with haying and all of the social activities. That summer has finally found your area is nice too. Enjoy.

  7. Janna, I though about you when I saw this site. You probably already have it, but anyway here it is.


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