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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ATV Adventure And One Major Storm

Sarge and Sarah have a new toy—a Polaris RZR—so off we went on an ATV adventure today.  It was great to be back out on the ATVs—it was my first time since we came back from Arizona.  We had a beautiful day—sunshine, wildflowers, water—the bugs were a touch nasty, actually more than a touch!!  Horseflies, biting flies of some sort tormented us every time we stopped.  And they really tormented Sarge and Sarah’s black lab, Callie—she is quite adapt at catching the bugs!!

IMG_3289IMG_3292Doing what labs do best—taking a swim.


Sarge and Sarah came over from Livingston way and we headed up to Moccasin Lake for a picnic with Callie leading the way many times—that dog has more energy—she would much rather run alongside than ride on the ATV.  The many water crossings provided Callie with lots of soaking chances—she would lie down in the water with only her head showing.

Our picnic lunch was spent expending as many calories as we took in by swatting at the horseflies and other pesky bugs!!


Back home about 2pm we put together a great lunch, a tri-tip roast on the grill, oven baked french fries, salad and homemade chocolate/coffee ice cream. 

After lunch the dark clouds started building and sharp lightening streaked across the sky—Sarge and Mike ran out to put our ATVs in the garage, Sarah and I ran out to close motorhome windows.  About the time we all got back to the house the bottom fell out.  Holy smokes—what an incredible storm—one and a half inches of rain in less than 15 minutes—torrential rain and hail, high winds!  Kind of strange to have mud in July!!!




  1. Too bad your outing had to have the bug part involved. The horseflies are the worst. Good thing Callie can catch them. Too bad we struggle with that:) I guess having all that rain is a good thing for fire control. You never know in the west where one will be starting up.

  2. and a half inches of rain in less than 15 minutes, it's a wonder you didn't get washed down the mountain. Great pics of your ride - looked like fun.

  3. Callie looks like the perfect guide - bet she wondered why you didn't all join her in the water as well :-). Looks like your timing was perfect, avoiding the storm on the trail, and getting everything buttoned up before the deluge. Such different trails than in Congress!!

  4. Hi Janna, I read your blog but I don't remember that I ever posted a comment. We were sitting outside at our friend's place last night (we are in Delaware for the summer) by the water - no air going last evening though. The same old pesty insects you mentioned pested us here, too! Someone mentioned to buy the original, yellow Listerine. Pour it into a spray bottle. Spray with it. It is supposed to deter the pesty buggers! I just looked it up online and found info about making homemade repellent with listerine and different ways to do it. It's worth a try!

  5. Stop already, you are making me hungry with that delicious sounding lunch.


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