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Sunday, July 27, 2014

We Have Visitors and A Birthday Party

First they were coming then they weren’t, now they are coming and we are thrilled.  Larry and Geri had some family obligations which they thought might hinder their going to Alaska with us—those obligations solved themselves and we are now good to go!!  Larry and Geri arrived Friday afternoon with their rig:IMG_3330The cargo trailer sitting back beside our motorhome contains their ATVs—we thought we would show them some country before we take off for Alaska.

We’ve had some questions—“when are you leaving” being the most frequent.  Our granddaughter Laci and her husband John are expecting their first child—our first great-grandchild—and we are not leaving until the baby is born—the official due date is tomorrow, July 28. 

Our friends Angela and Ralph once said, “you people change your RVs more often than you change your underwear!”  Now can you imagine someone thinking that???? SmileSometimes you develop an attitude of—”oh, my, we are going to Alaska, we need a truck camper NOW!”  so, we bought one and it was a dud!!!  It leaked—we fixed it, the refrigerator was too small, we didn’t fix that, the bathroom was so small if the cowboy or I gained a single ounce, we would not fit, Winking smileand most importantly at least in my menopausal book—it didn’t have air conditioning.  So, we listed the rig on Craigslist about two weeks ago—today it rolled down the driveway with a happy new owner. 

Yesterday the cowboy and Larry went to Billings to purchase a Lance truck camper—a 1999 which needed a little work (would we have it any other way???).  Larry said Michael made the salesman cry—the cowboy made a really, really good deal!!!!  It has more space particularly in the bathroom plus it has air conditioning.  It is filthy but I’m a good cleaner! 

Last night we celebrated my dear friend Jill’s momentous birthday with a spectacular dinner party—we had so much fun—dinner was fabulous:

IMG_3319A tri-tip roast grilled with chimichurri sauce, rosemary potatoes (as our friend Bradley calls them, “potatoes a la weed”) and salad with homemade dressing.  Dessert was a three layer chocolate cake with dark chocolate/coffee ice cream!!!



Today I quilted, Geri cooked walleye from Minnesota for lunch and this afternoon we took an ATV ride—more on that adventure later!


  1. So glad to hear they are going to be able to go to Alaska with you. You guys are going to have so much fun.

  2. Kelly & I always have us a little chuckle & liken ourselves to you guys when it comes to stacking changes upon changes. We totally understand your thinking:))

  3. Well that does look like a very fun dinner party. I just can't wait for that baby to come as well as you guys I am sure. I hear we are having company on the way back from Alaska. I am very excited.

  4. I've had the same thought as Angela and Ralph. :)

  5. How great that you'll have traveling companions! That's a good looking camper - of course you could be driving back from Alaska in something completely different.....:-). Looking forward to the ATV trip and all the trouble you four can get into waiting on the new baby.

  6. So much stuff going on in preparation for your Alaska trip. It does seem that the plans are forming up nicely.

    There is clearly a lot of excitement surrounding the birth of your new great grand child. What a grand event to look forward to . It is easy to understand why you would not want to leave on your Alaska trip before welcoming the new family member.

    We do not doubt your cleaning ability will have that new Lance camper sparkling in short order!

  7. Sure hope the great-grand-baby arrives on schedule. It's going to be fun following your trip to Alaska!

  8. I was concerned that would be late by visiting the Canadian Rockies in September. But I guess we'll be fine if you haven't even left for Alaska yet:) Can't wait to follow along. I would love to go but we aren't taking our MH. We'll have to rent or buy something smaller for it.

    That birthday meal looked wonderful!


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