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Saturday, July 5, 2014


IMG_1805Many years ago when Michael and I first married, the community gathered donations and purchased fireworks setting off the fireworks on property owned by our friends Ken and Lesley.  The entire neighborhood attended and I have such fond memories of those July 4 times.   In Montana I’ve watched July 4 fireworks attired in coat, hat and gloves—last night it was warm enough for just a light jacket.  Our friend Geoff loves fireworks and donated the ones we watched at George and Shirley’s last night.  It was a delightful evening—tons of delicious food, lots of friends and neighbors, ending with a spectacular display of fireworks.  The weather cooperated sprinkling rain just as the party started but the sun came out shortly giving us this gorgeous rainbow:


Today our social calendar was empty—thankfully, we both needed an evening of rest!!!  Michael spent the day in the hayfield and I spent the afternoon doing yard work—mowing and weed whacking.  I did manage to load a quilt backing onto the frame. 

Nat came for lunch as we have a wedding to attend tomorrow on his normal day for coming up the Boulder. 

Taking good fireworks display photographs has always alluded me until last night—I discovered a “fireworks” setting on my camera:



Life is good!


  1. I love the double rainbows out west. Those are beauties:)

    I searched my camera the other night and couldn't find a fireworks setting:( You got great photos!!

  2. Some great shots tonight, Janna. Love them!

    Nina and Paul

  3. I'm not sure what is prettier - your fireworks pictures or the double rainbow. Guess I'll just really enjoy all of them.

  4. Beautiful photos !!! Sounded like your 4th was lots of fun ...... Good weather too ...... The rainbows were spectacular !!!

  5. The fireworks option on your camera sure generated awesome results. The double rainbow is spectacular.

  6. Great fireworks photos, Janna - well done!

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement following the loss of our beloved pup Molly. Your thoughts are much appreciated by both Paulette and myself.

  7. Looks like another grand 4th to add to your wonderful memories. The pictures turned out great - I wonder what makes it a "fireworks" setting and what other things you could capture with it.....lightning?


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