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Monday, July 21, 2014

Wonderful Weather

Sorry Mike and Pat but it was a beautiful day, less than 70 degrees, rainy and cloudy—not normal Montana July weather but we will take it.  Unfortunately, back up in the mid 80’s tomorrow.

Let’s see, what did we do today??  Normal stuff—laundry, helping Mom, making lunch (the last of the okra Sad smile) , making homemade coffee/dark chocolate ice cream, YUM.  In the afternoon Chuck and Mom decided to take a drive—I think they were bored—otherwise Mom has become the lap of choice for Ms. Emmi.

IMG_1849Mom’s black eyes are fading, her forehead laceration is healing beautifully and the rest of her bruises are fading.  The broken arm is much less painful but it still hurts if moved the wrong way. 

Michael and I went to town this afternoon to run errands and deliver some quilts. We have an adventure planned for tomorrow and I was picking up supplies.  And that’s the extent of our day! 


  1. Hey Mom, you look like the rest and care has paid off..... So glad to hear you are making progress... Janna is a wonderful daughter, that is a given, lucky you .....and you two sure look a lot alike..... Keep up the progress and soooooooon you will be good as new !!!

  2. I fell in love with Montana in early August and considered moving there. Relatives sent me pictures in January and I changed my mind :-)). Looks like the combination of daughter-nurse and granddog - blanket are healing Mom up nicely. Yay - adventure!!

  3. Your Mom is a real trooper! She'll look back one day and laugh at those black eyes I'll bet. Still can't imagine how scary that accident must have been.

  4. Your mom look great, considering:) And Emmi sure looks comfy!


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