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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Strength And Goodness

I will start this story with an apology if I don’t have all the facts straight.  Wednesday I met an amazing woman of strength and goodness!  Probably about 12 years ago my Mom and Dad began talking about this couple at their church in Arkansas who were going to Romania to adopt three boys—when they got to Romania it was discovered the three boys had an older brother—Donna and Daryl refused to leave Romania without the fourth young man. 

Donna and Daryl brought these children into their home in Arkansas, homeschooled them, took them to church and as we witnessed yesterday—made them into superb young men.  Life wasn’t kind to this family with Daryl losing his life to cancer about a year ago causing Donna to make some life changing decisions.

Southern speaking and small, Donna purchased a Dodge truck and a 42 foot Raptor toyhauler fifth wheel having only before pulled a boat with a truck.  They did have a travel trailer with which she also practiced.  She drove to somewhere in Kansas, purchased the toyhauler and drove it home to Arkansas.  She told me, “my little Mom drove a log truck for my brother when he needed help, I thought if my Mom could do that, I could surely learn to drive this truck and trailer down the road.”

Donna wanted to travel with the boys who remained at home, Ivan (20), Valik(16) and Nikita(14).  She applied and was hired by a lodge near West Yellowstone, MT as was Ivan.  They have become members of the community by attending church and helping others in need.  Donna continues to homeschool Valik and Nikita.  Their future plans include Ivan working the sugar beet harvest in the fall and they all have fallen in love with Montana with talk of living here.  All three boys are so articulate and polite—a pleasure!

Donna is a woman of strength and goodness with a heart of gold—it was such a pleasure to meet her and the boys—they drove over yesterday just to visit with Mom.  Life has dealt Donna a nasty card yet she is preserving, living her life as she wants for herself and her children.  Amazing!!  I wish I had thought to take a photo of this family!



  1. Awesome story. Wishing them the best.

  2. Some people give so much in this life.....I hope this family receives an abundance in return ......
    Life has so many twists and turns, meeting folks like this family along the way is always a pleasure..... All the best to each of them !!!

  3. It is so wonderful to hear stories of amazing people. There is so much ugliness in our world and this story, even with it's tragedy, is so uplifting. Best of everything to them.

  4. Oh but you did take a picture Janna :-) "Southern speaking and small......" and all the rest of it. I see them all. It is always such a gift when extraordinary people cross our paths. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. What a lovely heartwarming story!! Thanks for sharing, Janna! Wishing them all the very best!

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Good to have some happiness with all that is going on in our world right now.

  7. Nice story. It is heartwarming to read about people who, when dealt a bad hand, find the strenth of resolve and move forward.


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