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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding and Mini-Reunion

On Sunday we attended the wedding of Megan and Michael—Megan is the daughter of our good friends Kelli and Larry.  Megan and Michael are both in the USAF stationed in Washington, D.C.  but chose to celebrate their wedding in Montana. 

Jill and I drove down to Billings for the actual wedding held in the Greek Orthodox Church.  Having never attended a  Greek Orthodox Church, I was curious.  In Billings it’s a very small sanctuary, gorgeous wood floors, ornate decorations, quiet and peaceful. 

I have to say it was one of the more interesting weddings I have ever attended—meaningful service, no music but lots of chanting, many rituals with interpretations which made sense.  Each wedding guests was presented with a program which explained the Greek Orthodox ceremony.  The wedding ceremony has remained almost entirely unchanged since its origination centuries ago.  Another notable aspect of the Orthodox marriage is that the bride and groom do not exchange vows; instead it is their presence before Christ through the priest and the congregation that signifies their wish to be joined and to accept the Lord into their new home.  It was a joy to watch Megan and Michael—they are meant for each other. 

Back to Big Timber post wedding we all gathered at the home of Megan’s grandmother Jean.  Her home is a bed and breakfast with beautiful grounds—perfect for a wedding reception.  The food was delicious and I don’t think I have ever heard a more articulate “toast” at a wedding than that given by the groom’s brother—quite entertaining!  Michael joined me at the reception and we spent the evening visiting with various friends. 


IMG_3273Bonnie, Megan’s sister and Megan. 

IMG_3278I think my little Canon camera which is small enough to tuck in my handbag spent too many days riding around on an ATV gathering dust—most of my photos turned out blurry. Sad smile

We received a pleasant surprise last night—we were scheduled to have dinner at the Rib and Chop with Sarge and Sarah.  When they arrived at the restaurant they had some additional guests, Royal and Nancy plus Sox and his date—all the guys of the group graduated from high school together long ago!  I think the folks at the Rib and Chop thought we never were going to give up our table—the place was literally packed on a Tuesday night—summer in Montana!

Michael spent the day in the hayfield and in between he installed a master brake cylinder on his old 1995 Ford pickup.  I spent the day quilting finishing up Donna’s special quilt.


  1. I've never been to a Greek Orthodox Church either. I always thought they ended up throwing glasses around and smashing them at their weddings? Did you throw any?

  2. Jeanette and I were married in a Greek Orthodox Church. It was a traditional service, conducted both in Ukrainian and English. It is the oldest church in the world, I believe. Catholicism and other denominations were breakaways from the Greek Orthodox Church.

  3. Sounds like a lovely and meaningful ceremony. Congratulations to Megan and Michael. Always great to catch up with long-time friends! You're sure filling up your summer with lots of fun - and too much work!!


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