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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just Perking Along

That’s what we are doing—Mom and I rolled in about 3pm yesterday—we dropped Chuck at the Bozeman airport where he rented a car and drove back to Ennis and the guest ranch retrieving all their belongings.  The ranch provides them with a small bedroom/bath and my Mom manages to make a home for the summer.  Mom was the guest ranch cook so she has full use of the kitchen—needless to say she won’t be doing any more cooking for a while!!

Mom’s pain has diminished but pain is still a constant when you’ve been in a vehicle going from 40 miles per hour to dead stopped.   Chuck is over in Yellowstone Park today retrieving some things from the truck and getting a copy of the police report.  He discovered that the man who was the first to reach Mom was an off duty park ranger.  He took some photos of the truck—


I spent the day washing clothes, cooking and taking care of Mom—Ms. Domesticated!  I did load a quilt backing onto the zippers this afternoon while Mom napped.  Emmi was sure glad to see me come home—someone to play ball with her!

It’s been a strange day weather wise for July, thunderstorms at 3am this morning with a storm rolling through frequently all day and temps in the low 70’s.


  1. That truck picture just made my stomach sink. It could have been so much worse and I am so happy Mom is home and recovering so nicely. Definitely a strange day weather wise. We were up most of the night with the girls and the thunder and lightning. And just now we had a gully washer go through and the temp has dropped to 60.

  2. Your mom is in good hands at your place. The truck suffered severe damage but it did protect your mom. Best wishes for a speedy return to good health.


  3. Gee, the truck really protected your Mom from more severe injuries.....sure hope she will continue to improve and rest..... Lots of odds and ends to tie up, glad Chuck was able to handle all of that...
    Your duties have multiplied so I am sure you are a bit tired out to say the least ....hang in there, Nursie !!!!! Positive thoughts to your Mom.....

  4. That truck sure isn't pleasant to look at all. Lucky mom:) Good she has you to take care of her while she recovers. Thinking of all of you:)

  5. Yikes - your Mom was fortunate to have survived that crash without more serious injuries. Any accident is traumatic and sometimes just the memories of it are as bad as the physical injuries.

  6. By the looks of that truck I would say it is a testament to the safety features built into today's stronger & better built vehicles. Had your Mom been in a truck built 20 or 30 years ago I think the outcome may have been very sad.


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