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Monday, April 6, 2009

We Have Arrived

Not a good day! Usually we manage to arrive back in Montana on a nice day, Michael watches the weather patterns and we try to time our trip back home to correspond with better weather. He didn't do so well this time! We knew that we had lots of snow but didn't imagine it would be as bad as it turned out to be.

We left Dillon about 8:30 and stopped at the Bozeman Costco to stock the pantry. Then it was on to Big Timber to stop and say hello to Mike's Dad, Nat. About 30 miles from Big Timber we blew the turbo charger air hose on the truck--uh, OH! Michael was able to re-clamp it and we went about 1/2 mile before it blew again, we did this 4 times before he finally got it wedged in tight enough to stay. We said a quick hello to Nat as we knew it was going to take us some time to get the RV up the driveway. That was the understatement of the year!

We blew the turbo charger hose one more time on our way up the Boulder and arrived in our driveway about 3pm. We stopped on the road and put chains on the rear wheels of the truck and attempted to get the RV off the road and up the driveway a short distance. That is what we managed to, a short distance. We then unhooked the truck leaving the RV and tried to get up our driveway, taking a run, grinding to a stop, backing up, making another run, it was bad--we were pushing snow with the front bumper and our truck is 4 wheel drive! We finally got to the house. Our backhoe had a flat tire, Michael got that aired up and then put chains on the backhoe and started plowing the driveway. I started trying to muck out the house. At 6pm I began to get really worried and drove the truck back down the driveway--he was just finishing the plowing. We put another set of chains on the truck rear tires and went down to get the RV. At 7:30pm we finally drove into the yard with the RV and began to unload the essential stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to be 65 degrees, maybe some of this white stuff will melt--let's hope so.

Looking up from the bottom of our driveway, that is our old garage (belongs to the owner of our previous ranch) and our driveway is there under all that white stuff somewhere. The tracks are deer tracks.
Our house, it may take a while for all that snow that slid off the roof to melt!
What our world looks like tonight.

And as if we haven't driven enough the last few days, my hairdresser called today and changed my Saturday appointment to tomorrow so we will be heading to Billings around lunch time tomorrow.


  1. WOW!!!!...So glad you guys made it safely...That was quite a job just getting to the house...We hope you thaw out soon..Hugs..Jim & Ellie

  2. Gee, & here I was complaining about the half inch of snow we got yesterday in Southwestern Ontario. Glad you folks made it home & I do understand the sheer frustration you encountered. Arriving home is the time you want everything to go smoothly. Just want to get inside & crash for awhile but you were not able to do that. Anyway, it's another memory feather in your cap..........:))


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