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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nasty Weather

Well, we don't have feets of snow but it has snowed all day--the ground is warm so it is not sticking and it has hovered just at 32 degrees all day. If it had kept snowing as it was about 9am this morning, we would have had feet! Jazz and I went for a short walk and we were both white when we got back--she wasn't impressed!

Michael was going over to Lonn's today but the weather was too bad so he worked on one of his old trucks.

I puttered with things--laundry, changing bed linens, cooking, etc. Made a really good stew--it was stew weather. I also finished quilting my king size quilt, squared the quilt and made the binding. I'll attach the binding tomorrow then comes the tedious chore of sewing what seems like a mile of binding to the back by hand. I am attending a quilting retreat the end of the month, that may be one of the projects I take along.

I bet we are white in the morning.

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