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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Michael said we should sell our RVs yearly so that all the stuff you haul along with you and never use gets thrown out. We started unloading stuff this morning and Michael finished up about 4pm. We are exhausted--we had a lot of things stuffed into that RV!

I made a batch of friend Ellie's chocolate muffins, we are trying to get rid of the weight again. All this physical activity should help shouldn't it?? Oh, in case you didn't see the earlier blog about the muffins, they are very Weight Watcher friendly, only one point per muffin.

Well, I have a new career. The director of sales for APQS, the manufacturer of my longarm quilting machine called today and I am going to become a sale representative for APQS. It is strictly a commission position but I am excited and determined to make something of this.

The large window on the right is in the master bath and the huge soaking tub sits under that window. Michael was in the tub trying to soak away some of the soreness from all this moving and saw the disaster in the next photo.

I planted these two evergreen shrubs many years ago and they were becoming so nice and tall and bushy--blasted deer--while we were gone, I guess the deer decided the needles looked like tasty morsels and the pesky things stripped my evergreens!

Remember the garage building project last summer, the garage is built into a bank of dirt? Well, with all this snow and moisture, some of that bank slipped off today and crushed a corner of the roof of the garage--needless to say, Mr. Clark is not a happy camper.

Maybe I'll get most of this stuff put away tomorrow and then I can quilt!

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