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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilting Retreat

Friday morning we woke to about 8 inches of new snow, again. I did a lot of scurrying, I was off to my very first quilting retreat at Camp on the Boulder, a church camp located about 20 miles from us. I had some reservations about whether or not the retreat would even happen with the weather as bad as it was but the quilt store in town said to head on up.

The Boulder road even on the best of days is atrocious! It is a gravel/rock/potholed/narrow road on most days and with a snowstorm, it was terrible. Took me an hour and a half to drive the 20 miles and my Explorer has enough mud attached to start a garden! My teeth were about jarred loose!

The Boulder Road in a snowstorm

I was a little concerned about the accommodations for this quilt retreat being held at a church camp. If any of you ever went off to church camp like I did to Boggs Springs in Arkansas, you know that sleeping arrangements can be a little rustic to say the least. Well, I shouldn't have worried, it wasn't the Hilton but it was certainly adequate. I had my own room, no bunk bed to crawl out of in the middle of the night, and my own sink, showers and potties were down the hall.
My first glimpse of Camp on the Boulder Friday afternoon.There were 24 women at this retreat, a few I knew and most I didn't. I had a ball--it was such a liberating feeling to have nothing to do but sew--no dog to let in or out, no meals to cook, no husband wanting help with a project. It was a great group of women and I came away with new friendships and some finished projects. The food was wonderful, prepared by the couple that lives at this remote camp year round with their children who are home schooled.
Busy quilters

One of my finished projects, a quilt for our bed. Jazzy is napping on top of it as I write this!
Another view

OK, house update--we were going to fly down to AZ this next week and make an offer on a house our realtor found. She called us Friday afternoon and the house had two offers all ready, both more than the asking price. Oh, well, maybe we will buy a motorhome????
When I got home from the quilting retreat Sunday just after lunch, I must have been energized. Michael and I got busy and unpacked and put away all the RV stuff that had been sitting in the middle of the basement floor. Now, of course we will probably find a motorhome!

Oh, by the way, it is snowing, again.

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