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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Billings and More Winter

We woke to more snow and cold today and it even got to old Mr. Optimistic today, Michael. We took a wet, muddy walk then got ready and headed to Billings.

Michael dropped me off at JoAnn's and Target while he went to Harbor Freight--perfect solution, don't you think? After a little shopping, we met Lonn (Michael's son) and his wife LoraLee for lunch at CJ's. They happened to be in Billings today, too.

When Michael had a construction business, he purchased mega dollars of pipe and plumbing fixtures from a company in Billings called Mountain Supply. Every new year they had the best calendars with gorgeous Montana photos. I was so disappointed this year that we didn't get one before we left. Michael had to go to Mountain Supply today and they still had calendars, yahoo.

The mountain in this photo is called Lionhead and a portion of it burned 3 years ago when we had the huge, awful fires that got so close to our house. Remember the fairy tale about the mouse getting the thorn from the lion's paw and being spared--if you look closely, Lionhead looks like the head of a lion with a mane and the little bump out in front is the mouse. I know, it requires some imagination and it is easier to see when it isn't socked in by winter clouds.

We think this is a Harlan's Red Tailed Hawk and yes that is blue sky in the background--it appeared for a short while this evening when we got home.

To our coming summer visitors, Jim & Ellie, Mark and Dortha, I will really try to have the snow gone by the time you get here!

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