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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Are Home, Finally

Remember all those pretty photos of green grass, flowers and budding trees in Seattle the last couple of days--well, not in Montana! Most of our snow is gone except for the drifts in the coulees and at this present time it is dry but very little green grass and for sure no flowers or leaves budding! We are under another winter storm watch beginning tomorrow evening!

Montana spring

We made it home about 6pm Wednesday night and boy are our minds churning! The folks with the motorhome did not call us back last night after their counter offer and then our subsequent counter offer. We assumed that it was a no deal. Later in the evening we received a call from our realtor in Arizona and she had found a house she thought we would really love and she was right! It is unfinished as in no kitchen, no bathroom fixtures, etc. The sheetrock is hung and painted but there are no floor coverings--right up our alley. So, we backed off on motorhome looking and are again plotting house strategy. Needless to say, we are kind of going in circles. But, what will be, will be--one or the other will work out and we will be thrilled with the results, that's just the way we have been our entire married life--life is good!

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