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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It is The End of April??

Snowed off and on all day and is snowing as I write this. It is warm enough that the snow is not sticking, just makes for lots of juicy mud! We did see some wildflowers this morning on our walk and chokecherry tree buds, there is hope!

Nat came up for lunch today and I fixed a hamburger/potato casserole--gotta keep giving these ranchers their beef! The rest of the day I got ready for our little social hour.

We live on the East Boulder River, 22 miles from anything, no grocery store, no gas station, nothing! Our primary way of socializing is to get together with friends. Just down our 1/2 mile driveway live George and Shirley and a few miles up the road, Robyn and Claire live. We three couples get together frequently for wine and cheese. When Nancy and Geoff are here, they also join us, they are back in California now and we miss them. George is a great wine connoisseur and brings the most awesome wines. Tonight I fixed shrimp cocktails and pizza--such a combination but it was great. Shirley brought Robyn and me May Day baskets with pansies--since it is still too cold to have flowers outside, we will just have flowers inside. Good friends and fun!

To my family tonight, I am thinking of you all, and love you.

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