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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Travel to Pahrump, NV

We traveled about 350 miles today and paid $2.39 for diesel, UGH! The last 60 miles of the trip from Boulder City to Pahrump were terrible, we were driving into a strong head wind and going uphill at the same time--rough on the fuel mileage to say the least.

We are parked in Terrible's Lakeside RV Park and Casino. It is a nice little spot with a 7 acre lake, lots of green grass and trees. They were having an internet deal, pay $19.95 for one night and get the next night free so here we are. When we traveled through Pahrump last year on our way home, we stayed at the Charleston Winery RV Park which is also very nice.

Our trip over the Hoover Dam was uneventful except after the police officer looked into our storage bays and looked inside the RV he walked past the passenger side of our truck and Jazzy dog went berserk and stuck her head out the window barking frantically--scared the poor guy to death, he jumped three feet and screamed--then he saw Jazzy and just died laughing, his fellow officers were sure giving him grief for being scared of such a small little dog. Don't know what got into Jazzy, she usually does not do things like that!

If anyone has been over the Hoover Dam lately then you know a bridge is being built so that traffic will no longer drive over the Dam. That bridge is a long, long way up in the air and there were some workmen up there today, suspended out over the gorge--made my stomach turn over just watching them--you could not pay me enough money to be up there! Of course the camera was in the RV and we were going down the road in the truck--something to be said for motorhomes, huh??

It is good to be heading home even though we know we are going home to lousy weather. But we also know that summer is coming and it sounds as if many of our RVing friends such as Jim & Ellie and Mark & Dortha will be coming our way.

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  1. That bridge sounds really scary, I doubt we would ever take our rv over it, but you never know! I'd love to have the recipe for the mac & cheese....

    We are excited to be heading your way, looks like it will be mid-July or thereabouts when we get there.

    Safe travels home!


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