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Friday, January 22, 2016

We’ve Been Busy

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Ann—they had snow in Arkansas today on her birthday so she had a work snow day—sort of a birthday present! 

Thursday was ride day and at 9am we were all saddled up and ready to head out with Geri leading the way.  Ten rigs and sixteen people—a beautiful day, gorgeous country and challenging riding—what more could we ask??

First stop was to see petroglyphs and a canyon where early Native American people may have resided. 




IMG_4213Geocache success for Sandy and Lyn.

IMG_4227Lunch with a view—see the eagles’ eye? 

IMG_4229Can you see the squirrel shape in the rocks??

IMG_4242A huge pile of these “striped” rocks—banded rhyolite—we think—it looked like ribbon candy!IMG_4243

Today Michael and Emmi went out with the riding group.  Donna, Cathy and I went to Quartzsite for the day.  When the riders returned we all gathered at Donna and Barry’s for a great happy hour.  Here are some photos Michael took today:

IMG_4257IMG_4259Poor Barry—On the Thursday ride he was in trouble for not bringing Donna any of the “ribbon candy” rock.  In one spot today they found some gorgeous rock samples so I think everyone shamed Barry into using Fred’s rock pick and he brought Donna a great rock—maybe not the kind of “rock” she had in mind, but a beautiful rock none the less!


And there was this beautiful sunrise this morning--



  1. What a great place to ride - love the variety, especially that beautiful ribbon rock. After all that work, I hope Donna liked her rock :-) Beautiful start to the day.


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