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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More ATVing

Life is good!  Sarah, Sarge’s better half arrived in the wee hours Tuesday morning, seems Allegiant didn’t want to leave Montana again and her plane was two hours late leaving.  So, we had a later in the day ATV ride with Joe and Kathy joining the four of us.  We wandered around the desert (the cowboy was leading) and ended up on top of Round Mountain—a steep, rocky knoll we can see from our house. 

It was another gorgeous Arizona day and we had a great time—on the way home, the cowboy (aka, the horse) was going to the barn and we burned up the desert sand getting back to North Ranch.


Today we had a dilemma—the gang had planned another ATV ride but I had an appointment to get my shaggy locks shorn and wasn’t able to change the appointment.  This was a “haul” ride meaning Michael needed the jeep leaving me with no way to get to Wickenburg.  Barry to the rescue—Donna is still not up to riding after her tumble the other day—Barry agreed to pull our trailer and let the cowboy ride with him so I could keep the jeep—thanks a bunch Barry!!

These photos are from their ride today—Michael took them--




I had an enjoyable “girl” day—I’m 5 pounds lighter I think after seeing all the hair Kathe cut!  I ran a few errands and purchased groceries at Safeway while watching the steady stream of lottery ticket buyers at the customer service counter.  Back at North Ranch I visited with Donna for a while—they’ve been down at Yuma visiting friends and brought Emmi a present when they came home yesterday—she loved it!


Wonder what tomorrow will bring??


  1. Few things better than playing with friends in the desert :-) Although a girl-day now and then ain't bad either! Emmi looks so happy with her new buddy. Michael's pics are wonderful.

  2. More play time in the dessert. Hard to beat those rides. Nice photos, Mike.


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