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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Boondocking In Brenda, Arizona

And not without incident!  Tuesday morning I stayed behind to lead the yoga group while the cowboy led the ATV gang to our boondocking spot near the small community of Brenda, AZ.  It took two Chevrolet pickups to get our motorhome to its parking spot—seems the cowboy hesitated when he should have given it the throttle!  The gang was able to stop Barry and Donna before they made the same mistake leading them to more graveled, solid ground.  Some of the ground here is fine, soft sand/dirt, not like over at Bouse and Quartzsite where everything is hard packed.  At least this time we didn’t have to call the Good Sam Roadside crew!IMG_4181

I made it to Brenda just in time to join the ATV ride into the surrounding desert—warm day, partly sunny skies—perfect!


Mike and Cathy arrived while we were all out riding—can you guess where this is leading—yep, another case of stopping instead of giving it the gas!  Their motorhome is much shorter and is a gas rig so they were able to use boards and a shovel then pull the coach out with their own pickup.  Mike and Cathy were un-stuck and all set up when we came back from the ride. 

IMG_4178-001Here’s Mike moving the trailer closer to their rig, he unhooked the trailer while they were trying to extract the motorhome from the sand. 

Donna was kind enough to make taco soup for everyone to enjoy for supper—she still isn’t ATV riding, letting her ribs heal a little longer.  The soup was delicious and we enjoyed sitting by the campfire for a while before the dropping night temps drove us in. 

Wednesday was Quartzsite day—the RV show is going on this week and we all decided to head on over to see if we could find a bargain—the cowboy came home with a new hat and new sunglasses, I found some of those cool chip bag clip things—that’s all the bargains Winking smile we found!  While the big tent was crowded, it didn’t seem as crowded as when we first came to Quartzsite several years ago.  IMG_0778


It’s kind of fun to be back in the desert boondocking—utilizing our solar and water conservation skills.  More adventures to come!

IMG_4179Just three of the rigs here, there are six rigs total, Larry and Geri, Tom and Sandy, Roger and Lyn (Canadians visiting Larry and Geri), Mike and Cathy plus Barry and Donna.  Oh, and us.Smile


  1. Looks like a great group you have!!. Enjoy your time in the desert!!

  2. I was at the tent today too, but didn't see any of the bloggers.. I bought one LED light bulb and left.. Ur right not as crowded..

  3. Oh dear. Wouldn't want to have to pull out of that stuff. I don't think our little Tracker would pull the MoHo very well. If the empty spaces here at Catalina Spa are any indication, many of the Canadians aren't traveling this year, maybe that is why the Q isn't as crowded?

  4. Years ago Bill & I did some boondocking in the desert and loved it.... don't know what we'd have done if we got stuck... heck, maybe we'd still be sitting there and y'all could have pulled us out ;-) As so Sue's comment about the Canadians traveling, I think they're all down here in Mexico now working on their tans!

  5. I also bought the magic seals for our kids. They had never seen them before.

  6. Are you doing the bloggerfest Saturday?

  7. That was a close call. Glad you were able to get unstuck yourselves:) Looks like a great spot:) Have fun!

  8. Better to be leading yoga than getting stuck...

  9. Looks like a great spot, and stuck is only if you can't get yourself out :-) You picked a good day to visit the show, it was much lighter that day! I'll have to add you and Mike to the long list of people I'm missing meeting :-(

  10. Looks like good fun - playing in the desert and getting unstuck.

  11. What ever happened to that tall beauty of a hat the cowboy used to have?


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