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Sunday, January 3, 2016

On The Mend

What do “they” say—colds usually run a weeks course—well, in my case it did.  Friday night I went to bed determined to go on the ATV ride to Date Creek on Saturday—nope, decided being out in the cold wind wasn’t a good idea and spent the day being low key.  Today, a week since I acquired these germs and I am almost back to my old self!

Saturday morning Michael, Emmi and the rest of the ATV gang minus Donna and Parker headed out to Date Creek—the link will take you to the blog I wrote in March, 2014 about a previous ride to this same area.  They rode over 50 miles and came home dusty, tired and happy!

Today Larry and Caryl dropped by—seems Caryl has a quilt show quilt which needed a resting place???  It’s a quilt she is entering in the Vulture Peak Patchers quilt show in late January; the quilt had been folded and Caryl needed a place to lay the quilt out flat so the creases would go away—hopefully.  The queen bed in the motorhome provided the resting place. SmileWe enjoyed a good visit with them—it’s been a while.

The cowboy started working on tax preparation today—UGH—time for Emmi and me to lay low!  Barry called and asked if Mike was busy—I said, “NO, come get him, take him away, anything, I will pay you!”  But Barry was no help, he just brought his CanAm over to place it in our enclosed cargo trailer while they take a little side trip in the motorhome. 

Barry and Donna’s little poodle Parker has our place figured out.  When Michael goes out the house door, he frequently leaves it ajar—Parker is fed on a schedule and he has figured out that Emmi is not, her food dish is always full and the door leading to that dish is frequently open!  Barry and Parker arrive, I am sitting in the chair and see this black flash go across the floor—it’s Parker heading for Emmi’s dish where he manages to grab a couple bites before I stop him.  I laughed and laughed—it’s amazing how smart these dogs are!

A good day in Arizona—I need to start painting again, the rest of the house is waiting!


  1. I feel your pain on that cold. It's been over a week for me, but I'm hoping a few more days will kick it. Glad to hear you're back!


  2. Glad you are feeling better:)

    Smart little puppy there who knows just where to visit and get a snack:)

  3. That cold is legendary here. I think we will hold the record for the most vitamin C intake lately.

    Get better.

  4. Seems those nasty colds hang on forever... and the cough lingers even longer!

  5. No colds for we hope for a pass this season. But, based on historical odds, I doubt we'll escape it. But we can always hope!


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