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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Visitor And Did You Know

The cowboy comes from a very small family—his mother was an only child as is Michael.  Nat was a twin and his brother Bo had three children—Michael’s only first cousins.  We occasionally run into Pete, his cousin who lives near Big Timber.  It’s been a long, long time since we saw the older cousin, Pat.  Right before we left to spend Christmas in Montana, Pat contacted us.  He was in Phoenix visiting his daughter and wanted to come over.  Wednesday was the day—Pat came for lunch—he and Michael talked and talked—it was fun to listen to them.  Pat has two daughters—one of his daughters, Julia has a PhD in archaeology and is currently working in Mongolia!!!—the other daughter, Sarah, is an accountant in Phoenix. 

IMG_4108I think they look alike—as they probably should having had twin brothers for fathers. 

Whew it has rained the last couple days—we have measured about one and a half inches in our rain gauge—and this must be the year of the cooler temperatures!

Do you know about Wi-Fi assist on iPhones??  Have you seen the news article about the kid who racked up over $2000 in data charges on his iPhone?  Seems the newest upgrade to Apple operating system, IOS 9, has a Wi-Fi Assist feature which is automatically in the “on” position after downloading the update.  Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches the phone to draw on cellular service when a user is in an area with a weak Wi-Fi signal.  It turns out the teenager’s bedroom is one such place with a weak signal . So while he thought he was still connected to his home Wi-Fi while surfing the web in his room, his iPhone was eating up cellular data.  To turn off Wi-Fi Assist on your iPhone, go to "Settings," then "Cellular" and scroll down to the bottom to switch Wi-Fi Assist off. 

Yoga today then more painting/prep—I managed to tape the hallway and smaller bedroom plus I cut in the edges of the ceiling in both the hallway and bedroom.  Michael has been working on a little problem in our hallway—we just shake our heads at some of the construction methods in this house.  Seems the previous owners wanted easy access to the shower plumbing—so in both the master bedroom and in the hallway of all places, they cut holes in the sheetrock, framed them with cheap trim boards, inserted painted rough plywood and hung a very cheap full length mirror over the whole mess—hideous!!  So the cowboy—who thought plumbing access was a good thing too—has come up with a way to nicely cover the spot in the hallway.  Not sure what we will do about the one in the master bedroom. 

DSCN1893Snow on the Yarnell hill viewed from our house. 

We have good friends—Larry just walked in with a plate of still warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies—thanks Geri!!!


  1. Boy, Michael and Pat sure do look like twins. Looks like a great visit:)

    People do the strangest things to save a few bucks.

    Sure was a nasty day today...yuck!

  2. That is great information you gave to you readers about the iPhone update having that setting on automatic. At the end of November, after having an iPhone every since they came out with their first one ... I went "old school" back to a new flip phone and a basic phone plan of 700 minutes of "prime time" and free nights and weekends. Free unlimited texting ... NO data. I am a computer addict since 1996. I thought I'd miss the iPhone a lot. Taking photos is convenient, the note program is great ... but I can't say I miss anything else.

    I definitely don't miss all the hassles that would take place after an OS update.

    My old house has that same type of "construction" to get to the water pipes behind the shower ... luckily they did their "quality work" in my closet. Only my clothes has to see it.

  3. Yow! Thanks for the Wifi assist info! Did not know that!

  4. They look so much alike... do they sound alike as well? Love the photo of the mountains... I'd be sitting inside, looking out at it... while munching those chocolate chip cookies ;-)

  5. We can relate. The second house we owned, what were they thinking, was a question asked almost daily as we remodeled.
    I can almost smell the chocolate chip cookies.

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. My parents each had only one sibling with a total of four children so I too come from a very small family - so it's especially nice when you can connect with one of them :-) I often wonder at what some people come up with for their does provide a bit of "creative" re-doing sometimes!

  7. I just noticed my picture in the window. Glad it found its home. For us only children, cousins are great to have around.


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