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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Great Day For An ATV Ride


Larry and Geri have visitors—Roger and Lyn—we wanted to show them some of our ATV riding country today.  The weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day with all the gang showing up for the ride with the exception of Barry and Donna who are missing in action for another day or two plus Sandy and Tom who are braving the Minnesota weather for a grandchildren fix.  We had eight rigs and thirteen people. 

It was kind of a food oriented rideSmile--in the past we have ridden to Dairy Queen from North Ranch and also to McDonalds.  With construction of Wickenburg Ranch—a high end subdivision near us—some routes have changed so this was an exploration ride.  We were lucky and could have had Dairy Queen ice cream at 11am but instead chose to ride on to McDonalds where we had lunch—dining outside as all of us were dressed in multiple layers due to the chilly temps. 


As  you can see, the sun was shining, the skies were blue and the saguaro were waving.  It was a challenging ride at times—a little road building was necessary in one spot—but we all made it safe and sound.  A fabulous day spent with great friends—thanks Larry and Geri for guiding us!!


IMG_4125I thought this rock looked like a dolphin???

IMG_4129Sarge bringing up the rear.

IMG_4131IMG_4142Looking down on the Hassayampa River

No, Sharon, no bird feeders in our yard, unfortunately—North Ranch has a pack rat problem and we feel feeding the birds also feeds and attracts the pack rats.  People have strings of lights under their rigs at night to deter the rats and many people leave the hoods of their vehicles raised at night to discourage the pack rats from taking up residence on the engines.  Nasty critters!!

And Bev—we are far from finished with the remodel—still need countertops plus we have some outside stuff we want to do; and the painting isn’t finished.  We are making progress but took time out to play today!


  1. It was a great change in the sky:) Love the blue and sunshine even if still a little cool. I'll take it! Looked like a great ride!

  2. Sorry about those critters... we've lived in places where you kept the hood of your vehicles raised every night. Early on, we had an AC hose gnawed through... we were still under warranty back then, but sure learned a lesson that could have been expensive. I didn't know pack rats were so destructive... I thought they just took shiny objects... (like crows)... I'm sure not desert trained! Love your cactus photos!

  3. :-)) Am happy you are enjoying the outdoors in spite of the "upside down" weather. There is a very active ATV club near us. One trip being taken in February can involve a jeep. Hopefully, we'll be able to go. It's the day after a Tea I'm involved with at the Senior Center.

  4. More nice photos from your ATV rides. And what good activity.


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