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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Home To North Ranch

We rolled into our driveway at about 9:30am this morning having left the Brenda desert behind.  I wanted to be back in time to lead the yoga class—thus the early desert departure!  I was so glad to wake up this morning—I don’t dream and if I do dream I rarely remember what those dreams were about.  But last night I dreamed we moved to New York City, lived in a huge, gorgeous apartment and when I had a flat tire a nice policeman changed it for me—now interpert that one!!  Weird!

Monday we met Geri and Larry’s friends—Claudia and John—they have a park model in Brenda for the winter months, living in Prescott the rest of the year.  They ride the desert almost every day and know all the trails well.  One of our stops was an old cabin which has become a spot to “leave your mark.”  Trinkets, bottles, very interesting laundry, a visitor log book--IMG_4317


Onward to Dripping Springs where we found pools of water and petroglyphs.  It’s always such a pleasure to find water in the desert—I like to imagine all the critters coming in to drink at night.


Dripping Springs was our lunch stop then we pointed the machines toward home stopping to ride up one of the tallest peaks in the area where cell towers are located—3300 feet elevation.

IMG_4350Quite the view!IMG_4351

The guys cooked last night, taking us to a Mexican food restaurant nearby—we had a wonderful time in the Brenda area—a great outing and it is now so good to be home in North Ranch.  Gina and Rollie are here visiting—it’s been too long since we’ve seen them!


IMG_4340Parker, climbing the rocks with ease on his four feet!


The motorhome is unloaded and the last load of laundry is in the dryer—life is good!


  1. We were just a few hours behind you heading in the same direction along highway 71 to Congress today.

  2. I love the quirky "collections" one finds, and sometimes adds to, in the desert - be it art or trinkets, or laundry! We have to check out this area the next time we're through. Have to check out Congress as well! Glad you're back safe and sound.

  3. Love the Old Cabin! Good to see it hasn't been vandalized. A great last ride in the area:)

  4. Loved the photos taken from higher elevation. Also that is a wide range of 'trinket's left behind.


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