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Friday, January 29, 2016

Vulture Peak Patchers Quilt Show

Early Friday morning I was heading to Wickenburg again to work my shift as a “white glove” lady when the quilt show opened at 9am.  At any quilt show I’ve ever attended, visitors are not allowed to touch the quilts—a guild member wearing a “white glove” roams throughout the displayed quilts helping visitors view the quilt back or detail—that was my job.

Attendance at the quilt show was brisk and steady—a good thing as the $5 entry fee funds guild activities during the year.  It was fun to hear the comments about the quilts and each time I wandered down a row of quilts I saw something new—here are some photos I took today with the camera.

DSCN1998This is Burrito, a donkey belonging to our friends Jerry and Caryl—if you look closely, there is a photo of the “real” Burrito in the lower left side of the quilt.  Caryl created this beautiful art quilt using Burrito as inspiration.

DSCN2000DSCN2002This was one of my favorites in the show I think because of the beautiful quilting—the quilt is a non-traditional log cabin pattern.

DSCN2003Another stunning Bargello quilt with beautiful quilting.

DSCN2006DSCN2011The pattern is Grandmother’s Flower Garden and it was quilted using a spider web type design with a spider brooch pinned in the middle of the spider web. 

DSCN2036DSCN2037Geri and Nancy came to the quilt show and when my shift was over we headed over to the Local Press Sandwich Shop recommended by Al and Kelly—our sandwiches were delicious! 

Back home Michael was out and about doing maintenance on the CanAm when I was bitten by the furniture rearranging bug.  Last night during the birthday party the ladies of the group ended up seated in the living room and we were discussing my off center furniture arrangement—time for a change.  I didn’t even involve the husband—didn’t want to hear, “I’m only moving it once!!”  I pushed and pulled moving sofa and loveseat but still didn’t like the way it looked—sent Donna a text and she came to rescue me—now it looks great!! 

The cowboy is taking a painting class tonight up at the clubhouse leaving Emmi and me to fend for ourselves. 


  1. While I love that burro quilt, the Flower Garden tugs at my heart... that was one of my Mom's favorites. I may still have it in storage somewhere. That furniture thing... I love living in our RV... BUT... I can't move furniture around. I envy you!!!

  2. I love the artistry of quilts, and you really captured some beauties. I too have an old Flower Garden quilt of my mother's. The 3-D one is amazing.


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