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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Art In The Desert

We have had such a good time boondocking in the desert—ATVing, visiting, eating and today we took a road trip.  Barry and Donna knew of a spot within driving distance of our camp with spectacular rock art—and not the rock art of Native American fame.  Someone led Barry and Donna to this special area in the desert last year, explaining that an elderly Canadian couple began decorating the desert using only rocks when her health began to fail.  Previously these people had been hikers, hiking as much as 20 miles in a day.  When hiking became too much for her, she designed the rock art, he gathered the stones.  The results are incredible, life like and real.  The most amazing thing is how perfect the area is—each piece is surrounded by a stone “fence.”  The paths are lined with stones and nothing is disturbed, nothing—for this reason we are thinking it is a spot few people know about—it isn’t easy to reach, takes a bit of hiking but it was still amazing to us how perfect the area is. 

I took 50 photos—I won’t bore you with all of them, just some of my favorites. 


DSCN1938Look at the detail in the eagle, and remember, this is all done with small stones.DSCN1939

DSCN1948DSCN1949Taking a nap/recovering from hangover—whiskey bottle in hand.


We enjoyed some delicious burgers while out and about plus ice cream later on in the afternoon.  Geri has another ride planned for Monday—who knows what else we will find.  Geri took the next photo—a great group shot of all the gang—I love it!

The gang


  1. Now that is quite a gang!! Never a dull moment for sure:) The rock art is gorgeous!! So glad you were able to see it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A lot of work went into that rock art.

  3. fabulous rock amazing testament of love!!..
    hopefully it will stay untouched.
    love the group photo!!!

  4. Beautiful. Can you share the location with us?

  5. Oh my! Thank you for sharing such unique art. What a treasure.

  6. What a wonderful find - and so nice to see it undisturbed. I appreciate that you didn't give the location so that it stays that way :-) That is a big ol' gang of folks right there!!! So glad this weather is holding.


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