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Friday, January 15, 2016

Painting And Then There Is Painting

Thursday and Friday I spent the days painting.  The house inside is now two thirds painted—I only have three more rooms to do—the utility room (UGH), another bathroom (UGH) and the master bedroom. 

Yoga class was good yesterday morning with thirteen ladies and men—I really, really enjoy leading this group and it’s good for me as it makes me do the yoga when I might not otherwise.

Michael likes to paint—as in artistic type painting—but doesn’t seem to do much of it.  Yesterday he grabbed his easel and paints heading out into the back yard to sit in the sun and paint.  This is his first attempt with acrylics—and I like it—this photo doesn’t do the colors justice. 


And that’s about it—short blog, not much else going on around here!


  1. Perhaps you could coax Michael to paint a mural in one of the bedroom walls. That would save you some paint time. LOL Nice art work.

  2. Two painters in the house - how great is that?! Love the horses, and the colors will be wonderful in the new house - on top of all your painting :)

  3. I think Rene and Jeanette have the right idea!

  4. Yes, I agree... a mural would be wonderful... colors, action... what more could you ask for?

  5. What can The Cowboy not do??? Nice job!!

  6. Add me to the list of those who think that would be a great mural. My Joe loves to paint (walls) too. He is painting our guest room on his "up days" in between chemo's

  7. Really like the painting..... , hope you put it on the wall!


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