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Monday, September 14, 2015

Trying Out The New Toy And A Cute Quilt Block

Sunday morning we joined Lonn and his dog Lucky for a trip to Blue Lake with Gina and Rollie in their new Artic Cat side by side.  It was a much warmer day than Labor Day weekend when we were bundled up in winter gear—we rode in shirt sleeves for most of the day. 

Fall is on its way to the Boulder Valley, the air is a little crisp in the morning, up the Boulder the pine scent fills the air and color is starting to appear.  It is so incredibly dry right now as you can see in some of our photos but over the next few days we may see some rain and much cooler temps.  IMG_3069

As with everyone we take to Blue Lake, Gina and Rollie loved the trip—it’s a rough journey—almost 60 miles round trip over boulders, rocks, puddles and streams.  Even though we were all just beat when arriving home, we all agreed it was worth every jar and bump!




FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender

After a slow start this morning we all got in gear and managed to find some projects to do—before Ashley and Parker had their youngest child, Job, Gina (Ashley’s Mom) sent me a little quilt pattern with lots and lots of paper pieced airplane blocks asking if I had time to make the quilt—at the time I was extremely busy quilting customer quilts and couldn’t commit .  Today we made a trial block—it is adorable!!

IMG_3111The photo doesn’t do it justice—it is a three dimensional block—so Gina and I are off to find quilt fabric—she has found a quilting method she really likes!!

Life is good and we have good friends!


  1. oh my...I would love that quilt with little vintage trailers somehow for my grand nephew!....think about it, please....

  2. That is a long ride in an ATV. We could have used your ATV to drive up to the Moonshine Arch. That mile we walked wasn't for a simple Jeep. It was crazy in parts and we decded that you would need a Crawler or ATV to do the straight up climbs and rocks. Glad you had a nice day for the ride with friends:)

    Love that airplane quilt square! Really cute. Please show us when you finish it!

  3. What fantastic scenery! Yeah... it would be worth every bump and bounce to me, too.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day in the mountains with perfect weather and friends. The airplane is too cute :-) You need to design a simple ATV design!


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