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Monday, September 28, 2015

No Eclipse Viewing Up The Boulder

Clouds and rain obscured any view we might have had of the moon—but as we were driving up the Boulder about 7pm, the clouds treated us to an awesome, colorful sky.

DSCN1679-001DSCN1688As you all know, Montanans think nothing of jumping in their cars and driving 100 miles “just for the day,” or to go to Costco, Wal Mart, etc.  Yesterday we jumped in the car and drove 160 miles “just for the day.”  Actually, we had a more important reason—to see friends Jane and Rich.  When I worked in Powell, WY as Director of Nursing for the hospital, Jane and Rich were my best-est of friends—their children Jonathan and Elizabeth were a joy.  I was a transplanted southern girl far from home—Jane and Rich welcomed me into their family with open arms.  Life over the years dealt them a nasty blow taking their talented, wonderful son and now Rich is very ill.  We met them in Cody for lunch then headed out to their home halfway between Cody and Powell.  Saying our goodbyes yesterday afternoon we made plans to have them join us in Arizona this winter. 

Michael spent the day digging trenches and helping a friend/neighbor install a pump and water lines.  I attempted an organized trip to town with plenty of time to do errands before meeting Jill for a leisurely lunch then off to a massage appointment.  Organization went out the window when due to the rudeness/ineptness of the MT state highway department it took me over ONE HOUR to even get part of the way to town. 

There were two trucks, one re-painting the center stripe/outside stripe of the highway with a caution truck following—big lights, big sign—“WET PAINT, STAY OFF THE PAINT.”  OK, I will stay off the paint but after 10 cars pile up behind you on a two lane road, I expect you to pull off the road in one of the numerous places to do so and let us pass.  Nope, they just kept on painting.  Then it became dangerous when people behind me just started crossing the paint stripes and roaring around the trucks when double yellow lines were in place.  Nope, they just kept on painting.  I was not a happy camper—Jill and I gobbled our lunch in about 30 minutes and I headed off for my now even more needed massage!

Back home Ms. Emmi let me know how unhappy she was being left alone all that time but a little ball playing and she was happy again. 



  1. You made me laugh about the 160 miles.... years ago we had a visitor from TX... he came to Ohio U. with an oil rig for the geology dept. Bill & I took him out to dinner... to a restaurant in WVA... Frank couldn't believe that we could be in a different state in less than an hour... sitting in a posh restaurant overlooking the Ohio River (and Ohio)... I can understand taking a leisurely drive in Montana... hey... when places are few and far between you takes what you can ;-)

  2. I went to school in a bus 50 miles one way for all of high school......groceries were 90 miles away. So I sure "get" a day drive over a 100 miles :-) Those skies are really incredible! Definitely a nice "trade-off" for the moon. At least the highway hold up was before the massage, and not after it!

  3. I have driven 3 hours one way just to have tea and a chin wag for an hour. But that is what comes from living in a big country with people spread out all over. Beautiful sunset shots


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