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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Poked And Prodded

When you get to be our age doctor and dentist visits become a way of life.  I’ve been a scheduling fool lately, trying to get everything accomplished before we head south for the winter.  I thought a visit with one of my doctors was just going by the wayside as she was fully booked out into middle October.  Luckily her office called with a cancellation for Wednesday—but we all ready had two other appointments on Thursday.

So we did what anyone with two RVs would do—we headed to Billings in the truck and truck camper, spending the night in Katie and Michael’s driveway.  Michael had an evening meeting so I made dinner for just Katie and my Michael.  It was fun to spend some time with Katie and hear about the tribulations of a first grade teacher—have parents lost their minds these days???? 

My visit on Wednesday went well and today’s visits for both of us were uneventful.  The dermatologist had a firm conversation with Michael—he has the type skin which is very prone to skin cancers.  I’m not too happy about the fact the cowboy has a good cholesterol reading and mine is out the roof—what’s up with that???  I am having zero side effects with the Crestor, my lab tests to see if the drug is working are being mailed via snail mail—I haven’t created a “patient portal” as I did for Michael. 

Labor Day weekend is approaching, Wednesday was miserable in Billings, 100 degrees.  Today in Billings it didn’t even reach 80 degrees and here at home it is even cooler.  I sure hope we get some rain this weekend too.  Fall is in the air I think!

And look what little Lora is up to:


  1. Yes, the doctor/dentist visits are so important for us now. We had trouble getting appointments when we were back home since we waitied so long to make the decision to go east. We did several of those wait for a cancellation. Thankfully, we got appointments with all before we left. Smart idea to just go with one of your RVs and spend the night:)

    I wasn't able to open the video. Not sure if it my connection or fb.

  2. Other than one dental appointment (mine), we are good to go. Our physician checks are done and all is fine.

    I bet you two are anxious to get back south to get working on the new desert home renovations.

  3. Yep, our November is shaping up around "those" appointments :-( Smart to take your studio apt to town for the night. Hope some of this Washington rain makes its way to you this weekend.


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