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Monday, September 7, 2015

Turning Sixty

The cowboy and I don’t think we could physically handle my turning sixty again any time soon!  We’ve had such a great weekend and I am feeling very loved, special and blessed!  A surprise party, ATV rides and dinner with family plus phone calls and Facebook birthday messages—turning sixty has turned out not so bad!!  But today on my actual birthday we elected to hang out at home and chill—we are both exhausted! Smile

The weather forecast for the Labor Day weekend was not great—much cooler and rain.  But Saturday we ignored the forecast and met up with Lonn, Katie & Michael plus John, Laci and Lora Elizabeth.  This was Lora’s first time out on an ATV and as her Mom was riding one of the dirt bikes, Lora rode in her car seat strapped in next to Aunt Katie—the driver. 


IMG_2984She likes Aunt Katie—”Aunt Katie made my hat!!”

IMG_2987Gearing up for the cold!

IMG_2991Dirt biking granddaughter Laci.

IMG_3014Off we went, as we neared Box Canyon, it began to sprinkle rain and we stopped to don rain gear—thanks Lonn for the fabulous Christmas present!—by the time we got to Box Canyon it started to pour accompanied by thunder and lightening!!!  Box Canyon is the trailhead for horses/people heading into the back country and there was a newer horse trailer parked there.  Lonn and Michael discovered it had local license plates and was unlocked—we all gathered inside the trailer, sat on the hay bales and waited out the storm which was short lived.  Thanks to whoever owns that trailer—it was a lifesaver! 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch then headed back down the road.  We’ve seen several moose over the years up the Boulder but never one like Mr. Big Moose we saw on the way back to the trucks.  The cowboy and I were bringing up the rear—Lonn and the kids had noticed a jeep parked by this pond and a lady sticking her camera out the sunroof but hadn’t been able to spot anything.  Just as we neared the sharp corner which skirts around this pond I spotted the moose, yelled “MOOSE” and Michael pulled into the parking area beside the jeep.  The people in the jeep had been watching the big guy for about 10 minutes and the moose seemed unconcerned about the paparazzi!! 

IMG_3021IMG_3022Isn’t he cool!!

We had a great day and Lora loved riding in the ATV and being outside.  This was Saturday of my birthday weekend—more adventures to come in the next blog with some cool GoPro footage. 


  1. you are smart to get Lora used to things when she is little. I am taking care of my 1 yr old grand nephew 4 days a week...(I know...there is a reason why you have kids when you are young!) ...and every morning we take him for a very short ride in the jeep....he has gotten used to it and loves it now!....He is starting to hold his hand up to catch the wind....just like his mommy did when I took care of her!!! have to love the complete circle!

  2. Nice Moose! Great rack.... The ride looks like a fun adventure, but it's the moose that catches my eye!

  3. What a neat place to wait for the rain to quit. Did you leave a note for the owner?

  4. Now that moose was a great birthday present!


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