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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Strange Phenomenon


In 2003 after my Dad died the previous December we started traveling south—in January that year for a couple weeks--increasing the time spent in warm country year by year.  We left just after Thanksgiving one year when we were going to Mexico but most years never any earlier than we did last year on December 2.  Usually we wait until closer to Christmas even if we are going to Arkansas for the holidays. 

Loading the RV in winter temperatures with snow on the ground is brutal—we wouldn’t turn on the heat in the motorhome until a couple days before departure meaning we couldn’t load any freezable items until then.  With every load I carried to the motorhome I would kick my shoes off at the door and endure freezing floors while I put items away.  I would have to wear a heavy coat as I loaded—last year the temps were below zero when we were getting ready to depart.  Miserable!  And then there was always the worry of how to get the motorhome down our steep driveway if it snowed—the cowboy would watch the weather closely and if a storm was coming he would take the rig down the driveway parking it at our old garage.  That opened up another can of worms meaning everything had to be ferried down the driveway in a vehicle then transferred to a frigid motorhome.

Not this year!!!  It’s been a pleasure loading the motorhome—sunshine, no coats, no need for heat!!  We can even have water in our tanks—a first!!!  A strange phenomenon!!

Today I had a great yoga class then headed to town for lunch with friends Gemma, Ellen and Jeane.  I haven’t seen Gemma and Ellen in a long time—we had a very enjoyable lunch just catching up.

Back home I did some computer work then loaded some more stuff into the motorhome.  About 5pm Michael asked me if I wanted to take a little CanAm ride and off we went.  We just took a short run up to the Elk Creek trailhead, stopping on the way back down for a little happy hour.  You can’t beat our happy hour view!





  1. We have had to unload a few times on snowy ground after coming home but luckily have always left before the bad weather hit. Sounds like some of your loading up times have been the worst of the worst. I do remember reading of those episodes of yours over the years thinking 'yikes' I'm glad that's not us.

  2. Sounds like you are raring to head out early this year!

  3. How nice to now have the RV loading done in better weather. And we concur, your happy hour view is hard to beat.

  4. Any hour with that view would be a happy one! I don't function well in the cold so I know for me that packing up early in the warmer weather would be MUCH better :-) Can't wait to see what all you're taking south this time :-)))))


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