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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Even The Cowboy Makes Mistakes

And this was a messy mistake!  The cowboy does all our vehicle maintenance—and with as much equipment and vehicles we have—it keeps him busy.  Friday was oil changing day for the big Country Coach motorhome.  The filters and oil for this change cost about $165—can you imagine how expensive it would be if labor were tacked on???  The coach holds nine gallons of oil. 

Well, the cowboy learned a lesson yesterday—do not use an air wrench to remove the oil drain plug!!  Picture this—he is underneath the motorhome, oil pan ready, the oil drain plug is really, really tight and he can’t get it lose with a BIG socket attached to a 3 foot handled breaker bar.  SOOOOOO—he thinks, that new little air wrench should loosen that plug.  Well, it did loosen the plug—as in instantaneously!!!  Oil went everywhere giving the cowboy a nice drenching—his wife refused to let him come in the house clothed—his shirt went in the shop wood burning stove—(one of those well loved fire retardant ones Rollie!! Winking smile)  I laugh every time I imagine the horrified look on his face while underneath the motorhome!!

We’ve spent the last couple days packing and loading.  We are taking all kinds of different stuff this year—saws, sanders, paint brushes, etc. for working on the house.  Then there is all the stuff we always take.  I have lists on top of lists.  And in the midst of all this packing—I am off to Chicago on Wednesday for a girlfriend gathering.  Whew!

Dang it’s been hot here the last two days—it was 90+ on Friday and near 90 today.  I’m ready for those cooler fall temps to come back! 

DSCN1664A cowboy creation—I love it!

DSCN1667Emmi catching a ride with dad.

DSCN1671Some fall color.

Life is good.


  1. The Cowboy's pumpkin, I Love !!
    I'm showing to my hubby...... Great idea for all those horseshoes discarded.
    Very creative guy. Your a great team and both creative. Can't wait for
    the Arizona house pictures..... Before and afters.

  2. My coach only holds 4 and a half gallons of oil, but I learned several years ago that you really have to be ready when that plug comes out... So I now give up and let the freightliner folks handle it.... Its about a hundred dollars a gallon to get it done at the shop, so I think you can afford a new shirt for what he saved doing it himself. And me I'm not laughing, least it happen to me next..

  3. Well maybe it could have been worse. We had a good friend who was working on the black tank and yep - you guess it. But getting oil off is not fun. Hope he can at least chuckle about it now. We're headed out of Billings tomorrow to slowly make our way south. It's still too hot for us to get back down there yet. Safe travels.

  4. Oh no! What a nightmare clean up :-( Any maintenance on our DP is crazy expensive, but we don't have a cowboy in our crew so we rob a bank as needed. Sounds lie you'll be ready to go with lots of stuff to haul south, even with your mid-week get away. Hope you get nice Fall weather for your visit!

  5. Ugh! What a mess.... I don't suppose you were brave enough to take a picture of him at the time ;-) Love that pumpkin... how clever!

  6. No photos!! I bet that was quite funny "after" the Cowboy was cleaned up!

    Love the pumpkin. You must have cracked the whip on getting that project done. Didn't you just see it?

  7. Love the pumpkin! Good job Cowboy!

  8. I sure know all about making mistakes. You guys sound like us guys back in the Fall of 2012 when we excitedly loaded up a whole bunch of stuff for our Congress house.


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