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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Timber And A Visitor

While Gina and Rollie were visiting we had rain—almost an inch which made things around here rather muddy to say the least.  Yesterday morning the cowboy discovered we had had a visitor sometime during the time it was muddy.


Today we went up to Claire and Robyn’s to cut some trees—two of the dead trees were all ready down and resting on the fence, the other tree the cowboy cut was a doozy!  The cut tree instead of falling hung up in the top of another tree located downhill.  Without the mini-excavator we would have had to leave a leaning tree—never a good thing when other people (Claire) are using the same area for cutting.  Cutting dead trees is hard work—more so for Michael than for me—but that little mini-excavator makes the work much easier!


We are enjoying perfect weather, cool nights, warm days and the colors are starting to pop!


Michael gave me a Fitbit Flex for my birthday and I’m enjoying using it—the dang thing startles me when it starts buzzing on my wrist after I’ve reached my goal of walking 10,000 steps which isn’t every day but I’m gaining!

I know it isn’t nice to say, “I hate…..” but today, once again, I hate cancer.  Cancer is evil, cruel and takes those from us we are not ready to let go.  Our little community lost a young woman to breast cancer this weekend.  Connie just saw her only child off to college for his freshman year.  She gave so much to this little town—she volunteer coached the high school cheer leaders, she promoted our community by organizing the rodeo and Christmas parades, she taught various fitness classes over the years and she always had a smile on her face.  Rest in peace Connie, we will miss you. 


  1. I try to stay away from that 'I hate' phrase too but sometimes things just gotta get said.

  2. It is so very sad to hear cancer taking another life. Sounds like there will be a big void in that little town!

  3. So sad to loose a dear friend and a community treasure !!! Cancer causes so much pain all the way around..... May Connie rest in peace....
    Tree work is tough and dangerous !!! Take care !!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend. "I hate..." is necessary sometimes:)

    I guess the mud does have a purpose after all. Big print!

  5. After losing my dad to cancer I hate it too....

  6. Sure nice to have big equipment for big jobs! Looks like firewood for the coming winter :-) Love the pic of the mountains past the grasses - beautiful. So sorry about your friend, certainly warrants hate in a loud voice.


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