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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well, That Didn’t Last Long

“The wireless provider previously servicing the OmniLynx Program has recently expressed an inability or unwillingness to continue supporting the program.  As a result ,and regrettably, we will be unable to accommodate your recent order.  Within the next 48 hours, you should receive a full refund of your initial payment.  This refund will be transacted through the PayPal portal.  We are exploring alternatives for the continuation of the OmniLynx Program and will notify you immediately upon resolution to this issue.     Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding in this matter. “ 

We received the above email this morning.  In late August, early September we became aware of a data plan being offered by Huntsville City Schools—huh???  Yep, a school system in Alabama negotiated  with Verizon to buy unused bandwidth and re-sell it to their employees—unlimited data for $47/month.  Yes you read that correctly—unlimited data for $47/month.  The problem began when the school system formed a company—OmniLynx, and began offering this fabulous, not to be believed deal to the general public all across the US.  And then the real problem began when the RVing world got wind of this unheard of deal!!

The cowboy and I when traveling south in the winter are limited to 15GB of data on our Verizon plan—we are limited because that data plan costs as much as we are willing to pay Verizon.  So, unlimited data sounded absolutely awesome and I ordered a device only to be told the devices were on back order.  Then we get the above email—it was too good to be true indeed.  On their blog post Technomadia (I can’t provide a link to Technomadia as their blog site won’t load for me tonight) gives more information stating that “at this time current customers will not be affected by this change……”  I think the key phrase there is “at this time.”  And I will say, OmniLynx has all ready refunded our PayPal account.

And I made a big score—I belong to a Facebook group—Sweet Grass County Online Garage Sales and have been quite successful selling stuff.  Today I bought—a set of dishes for the Arizona house—probably a 10-12 place setting of just the right color dishes!  Score as Paulette would say!

DSCN1662The dishes are all mix and match—the dinner plate in this photo is a deep chocolate brown, the salad plate is sage green, the bowl pale yellow and the mug a terra cotta-ish red. 

What happened to our nice, cool fall days??  It was 85 degrees today, kind of warmish! 

Lora Elizabeth


  1. Score is right!! Love the new dishes!

  2. Sorry about the wireless deal. Didn't think Verizon would allow it for very long. Big difference between employees and the general public in their eyes, I'm sure. Summer is back with a vengeance here, also.

  3. Love the colors of the new dishes! I really enjoy different colors.

    Love that little laugh at the end:)

  4. We got the same notice about the data plan, boo.

    I defy anyone to look at that picture without smiling!


  5. She just keep getting cuter :-) Love your new dishes, definitely perfect for a southwestern home!

  6. the new dishes are a big 'score'..nice palette!!


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